Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Top Ten Quarterbacks in the NFL Today

Once again, I was asked to partake in the ranking of the Top Ten Quarterbacks in the NFL by Kenny and the Sports Fan Journal Crew. There was only one caveat: Peyton Manning was ineligible since he didn't take a single snap all season.

The list is a pretty good one that's hard to argue with, so go check it out. Here's my list below.

1. Aaron Rodgers
2. Tom Brady
3. Drew Brees

Quick note, I think you can pretty much put those three in any order, and they are the top three quarterbacks that just seem to be on another plain than everyone else.

4. Ben Roethlisberger. I don't particularly care for Ben Roethlisberger, but there's no denying the toughness, leadership and ability of Ben Roethlisberger. He played a large majority of the season hobbled, like he always does, and still willed the Steelers to the playoffs. Even when he's visibly well less than 100 percent, he still finds a way to get it done. I have to respect that.

5. Eli Manning. I absolutely hate to put Eli this high. In fact, earlier this year I put him in the good but not great category. As an Eagles fan, I watch him play regularly, watch him make terrified faces and launch ducks off his back foot, and I see a guy that I just really wouldn't want to have to trust as my team's quarterback. But the thing is, you can trust Eli, and you should. He's proven time and again that he is not only tough — getting up from vicious hits regularly — but he's also clutch, breaking the NFL single-season record for 4th-quarter touchdown passes. Eli wanted to be regarded as an elite quarterback like his brother. Then he went out and proved that he is.

6. Tony Romo
7. Matt Ryan
8. Michael Vick. The Eagles offense could not even function without him, save for one fourth quarter where Vince Young actually looked like an NFL quarterback again. With him, though he had a terrible year with turnovers and couldn't stay healthy, they still managed to put a lot of points and go 5-1 in division games.
9. Matthew Stafford
10. Cam Newton. There's a very strong possibility that he'll shoot up the charts as early as next year. Almost put him higher, but need a few more wins and another strong season to have him leap the guys ahead of him with more extensive resumes.

Dropping out: Philip Rivers. Once upon a time, our very own Kenny Masenda claimed that Philip Rivers was better than Drew Brees. Then Rivers went out and threw 20 picks while playing some of the worst football I've ever seen before finally righting himself after it was already too late for the Chargers. I do expect Rivers to rebound and once again get firmly entrenched in the top 10, but he's not making the cut after that horrific 2011 season.

Also, Peyton would clearly be in the top 4 if he was healthy.

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