Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Conference Championship Sunday Open Thread

Conference Championship Sunday Open Thread:

Halftime Observations The Champ Bailey Effect
Champ Bailey has barely played this season, having missed 11 games in the regular season and starting just three. The past four weeks, he’s slowly eased his way back into lineup, finally starting today with plans of playing a full game. You’d think Sir Thomas Brady would take his shots at the long-in-the-tooth, one-time great, particularly given his health issues this year. And yet, Brady spent the entire first half throwing at every Denver defensive back other than Champ, proving the old man can still take away one half of the field when he’s out there — at least through one half. Keep an eye on that in the second half.

Joe Buck No Longer Annoys Me
Joe Buck has gotten a lot of flack over the years — some of it deserved and some of it not so much. Admittedly, I used to be among his most ardent critics, as I found his tone often condescending and his incessant talking annoying. But I gotta admit, Buck has annoyed me less and less the past few years when calling NFL games, and he’s done a damn fine job thus far with partner Troy Aikman — who I think is phenomenal in the booth — in this NFC Championship Game. So kudos, Joe Buck. You no longer annoy me. At least when calling football games.

That Navorro Bowman Play Makes Sick – On Several Levels
Navorrow Bowman is my favorite player in the NFL. He’s been my favorite player since his playing days at Penn State. That incredible and incredibly gruesome strip and recovery he made makes me sick … sick because of the resulting gruesome injury, sick that the referees could fuck up that call so badly and sick that the NFL rules in place prevent the right call from being made. Here’s hoping Bowman can make a full recovery and continue his incredibly awesome career, and here’s hoping the NFL stops with its idiotic rules and questionable referring. I’m so sick right now.
Halftime Observations

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