Friday, July 10, 2015

TSFJ’s 8 Favorite Sneakers Of The First Half Of 2015

TSFJ’s 8 Favorite Sneakers Of The First Half Of 2015

Who: Josh Naso | @silverfox8008 | Philly’s OG Broad St. Bully
What: Air Jordan 7 Retro “Hare”

There are more variations of the Air Jordan 7s than perhaps any other sneaker in the iconic line. From the Dream Team-inspired “Olympic” and “Barcelona Days/Barcelona Nights” to the “Champagne” and “Cigars,” it seems there is a version of the 7s to please every sneakerhead’s palette.

For my money there is none better than the “Hare” edition. The all-white body of the sneaker provides a crisp base and is complemented beautifully by the red touches on the sole and the red Jumpman logo. There is a burst of color on the tongue, where green, yellow, black and red provide a nice pop for the sneaker. The same color scheme appears on the bottom of the sole and pays homage to both the early ’90s release of the shoe and the “Hare’s” cartoon inspiration. This is exactly the type of sneaker you would imaging the Fresh Prince wearing, and the timing of the sneaker combined with the cartoon element immediately invokes memories of my childhood. Whether hitting the playground for some fun or having a casual night out, this sneaker is a perfect fit.


Who: Joe Boland | @revpaulrevere | Follow TSFJ on Twitter
What: Reebok Question ‘Michigan State’

The original Questions, the ones that are white and blue, are my favorite sneakers of all time. I rock the low version on the regular to this day, despite the fact that every woman I have ever dated has hated them. I don’t care because they’re great. So great, in fact, that they’re Reebok’s most popular sneakers.

This year, Reebok came out with a Valentine’s Day version, Easter version and “Pin Dot” version, but my personal favorite is the Michigan State Nostalgia version, paying homage to the original design while also honoring the 15th anniversary of Michigan State’s National Championship team led by Mateen Cleaves, Morris Peterson and Tom Izzo with the green and white colorways. They’re simple, beautiful and those damn shoes just don’t wear out.


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