Friday, June 24, 2011

It's Friday, Time to Dance

Well god damn, that was one hell of a day yesterday wasn't it? I've already made my feelings known about what the Flyers did yesterday, but now that I've gotten that off my chest, time to move on. I may not agree with what they did, but I sure as shit hope it works out for the Flyers.

Then there is the matter of Roy Oswalt sucking and hurting his back again, then sounding all kryptic about it. Not good.

And last but not least, there was the NBA draft. Is it weird that I'm infinitely more excited that the Sixers drafted Lavoy Allen in the second round (50th overall) than I am about their first-round pick Nikola Vecevic (16th overall)? Because I am. Honestly, I was hoping the Sixers would take Chris Singleton because he instantly could replace Andre Iguodala defensively whenever Iggy gets traded, or Kenneth Faried because he's a man's man on the block. Instead they went for a very skilled, very tall center, definitely a need, but a guy who is apparently more Spencer Hawes than, say, Andrew Bynum.

Whatever, at least Lavoy stays in his hometown. I really hope he makes the team.

Anyway, yesterday was absolutely insane around here, so naturally there's only one song to dance to on this muggy, humid Friday in Philadelphia. Enjoy.


  1. My first thought when watching highlights of Vucevic was we already have Spencer Hawes. I really wanted Faried there. Great way to cap off a ridiculous day for Philly sports.