Thursday, December 15, 2011

Ilya Bryzgalov is the Most Interesting Man in Philadelphia

Or at least the most insane. And I have to admit, I feel way better about a goaltender who seems certifiably insane in a non-threatening way. Clearly, Bryz stole the show last night. Here is a great mash-up of Bryzgalov moments by Puck Daddy, and be sure to read Wyshynski's review of the first episode.

While Bryz was the star, my personal favorite moment was watching Sean Avery be the first one to enter the locker room and see Artem Anisimov after the young forward was giving a game misconduct for his over-the-top goal celebration and just laughing at him.

However, I still despise Sean Avery, and watching him model on his off day only reinforced that hatred.

My least favorite part was without a doubt watching Claude Giroux's dejection over his lingering concussion symptoms. Not because it was bad television — in fact, watching him go through concussion tests and the updates was fascinating — but because it's painful to see the Flyers' best player and a guy who has been my favorite player since he wore No. 56 struggle with such a scary injury.

But without question, episode 1 belonged to Ilya Bryzgalov, the most interesting man in Philadelphia right now. Or at least the most handsomely paid crazy person.

Welcome to the miserable market for goalies.

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