Thursday, December 29, 2011

Proof that Steve Ott Has Very Little Brains

It's one thing for Dallas Stars center Steve Ott to get into it with Flyers coach Peter Laviolette, especially given that Laviolette did walk right through the home team's exit toward the locker room. It's another thing entirely to attempt to trash talk the league's leader in points and indisputably the best player in the NHL this year by bragging about your faceoff prowess.

Even being a guy who is big on the importance of faceoffs, I can't say it's ever a good idea for anyone to challenge Giroux. The guy is just too competitive and too damn good to try and get into his head, proven by the fact that Claude won a draw cleanly off Ott, which led to a Flyers goal.

Steve Ott is a moron.

As for the rest of 24/7, the highlight was obviously Laviolette opening the episode up on a tirade, and I really enjoyed the exchanges in New York where Brad Richards told Tom Sestito he's here for a cup of coffee and this is fantasy camp for him as Sestito was telling the entire Rangers bench that he would beat the shit out of all of them. It was also pretty interesting to see Mike Rupp decline a fight with Jody Shelley, telling him he's irrelevant to the outcome of the game. Good stuff.

Also, go fuck yourself.

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