Friday, August 10, 2012

Way-Back Machine: Jason Richardson Wins 2002 Dunk Contest in Philadelphia

By now, everyone on the planet knows that a four-team deal between the Los Angeles Lakers, Orlando Magic, Denver Nuggets and Philadelphia 76ers is going down as we speak. Of course the headlines are that Dwight Howard will be a Laker, joining Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol and Steve Nash, while Andrew Bynum comes to Philadelphia and Andre Iguodala heads to Denver.

But this post isn't about all the moving parts and the impact it will have for the Sixers. That will come at some point next week.

No, this post is a walk down memory lane, way back to 2002 when Philadelphia hosted the NBA All-Star Weekend. I, along with silver fox and Arkansas Fred, attended the night of the Dunk Contest, Three-point Contest and three-on-three tournament. And wouldn't you know it, the other newest Sixers, Jason Richardson, won the dunk contest on that night.

So here is Jason Richardson's performance at the 2002 Dunk Contest in Philadelphia.

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