Monday, August 5, 2013

The 2013 Edition Of The Real Top 10 Quarterbacks In The NFL

The 2013 Edition Of The Real Top 10 Quarterbacks In The NFL

My list:
1. Aaron Rodgers
2. Tom Brady
3. Drew Brees
4. Peyton Manning
5. Eli Manning
6. Matt Ryan
7. Ben Roethlisberger
8. Robert Griffin III
9. Andrew Luck
10. Joe Flacco

11. Tony Romo/Cam Newton

I kind of want to put Luck ahead of RGIII due to health and both ahead of Ben, because I hate Ben and think he benefited greatly from great run games and defense in the past, but I can't do it. The whole crowning early thing. And yes, Matt Ryan is that high for me, because Ben is older and injury-prone now, Flacco kind of sucks sometimes, then gets all awesome in the playoffs, Romo chokes too much with big turnovers, Cam hasn't done it long enough, same with RGIII & Luck.

Also, my words in the post:

10. Robert Griffin III

He’s a passer first who just so happens to be one of the fastest and best athletes on the field, no matter who he’s playing. He also has made the Washington Redskins truly relevant from a competitive standpoint instead of the laughingstock of free agency — or Dan Snyder’s expensive toy.
Why Robert Griffin III Deserves To Be On This List

While my brother from another mother and father Kenny Masenda flat out refuses to put any green quarterbacks on his list (more on this in a bit), I think you have to be almost insane to leave out a player as electric and game-changing as Robert Griffin III. Yes, he suffered a severe injury, something he dealt with at Baylor as well, and yes, his head coach showed a total lack of regard for his future by letting him limp around, but RGIII is everything you want in a field general. First off, he is talented as hell, a truly excellent passer who also can outrun a defense and cause problems with his feet. Second, he’s the perfect leader, a positive guy who always seems to enjoy himself, take command of the situation and put the pressure on himself, not his teammates. And lastly, he has made the Washington Redskins one of the handful of teams you want to watch play on Sundays (or Mondays, or Thursdays, or whatever other day the NFL decides to put games). He’s so good that football fans go out of their way to make sure and catch at least a few of his possessions, injury and crazy coach or not.

2. Tom Brady

He has the rings. He has the numbers. He has the respect of his teammates, opponents and coaches. And he just always seems to have command, proving you don’t need to be mobile to success to in the NFL.

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