Friday, February 7, 2014

It's Friday, Time to Dance

In case you missed it, Villanova's own Randy Foye drilled a buzzer-beater earlier this week to give his Denver Nuggets a one-point victory over the Los Angeles Clippers, and the announcer broke out into song as a result.

Good on Randy. Always liked that guy.

By the way, Foye's college teammate Kyle Lowry, who is having an absolutely awesome season for the Toronto Raptors, had his own incident this week, as he was called for a completely bogus offensive foul, then got T'd up for absolutely no reason, and finally decided to just run the hell off the court.

Let's be honest, official Michael Smith should be suspended for that. Not so much the absolutely horrific call — which was beyond awful — but for then giving Lowry a technical and running him from the game. That's just absurd. Michael Smith is a fucking joke.

I got your back, Kyle. And I definitely think Lowry should be an all-star over Joe Johnson.

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