Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I Was Way Off Links

I thought during this short three-day work week that I'd be breezing along, free of actual work to do and spending the majority of my time browsing the internet and generally not doing real work. Well, I was way off.

Here I am, bogged down in unexpected nonsense that needs to get done before the holiday. Shit, I was even at work an extra 20 minutes yesterday. Ridiculous. How can you expect people to do actual work after a gigantic snowstorm and Christmas on the horizon? I don't get it. Such is life, I guess.

On to the links …

-How does Leonard Weaver get so strong? Hard work:

-This actually happened last night:

-Brian Westbrook is expected to play Sunday against the Broncos, when some guy named Brian Dawkins comes into town.

-Allen Iverson has arthritis in his knee.

-Javier Vazquez is traded to the Yankees for Melky Cabrera, giving them a rotation of CC Sabathia, A.J. Burnett, Andy Pettitte and Javier Vazquez. Even more reason the Phillies should have kept Cliff Lee.

-TBL's 10 best soccer goals of 2009. Here are 8 of them:

-Bill Walton — Rapper:

-Jason Kidd — also a rapper:

-Tyreke Evans led the Kings to a 35-point comeback against the Bulls.

Tyreke had 23 points and eight boards, and he scored 9 of Sacramento's final 11 points.

-The top 10 shootout goals of the last decade:

-Judging from this, I don't think Dwayne Roloson wants to split time with Martin Biron. He wants all the time to himself:

Oh, and I watched the Flyers look like complete dog shit yet again last night. It's pretty simple when it all boils down: The Flyers just aren't a tough, strong-minded team, despite the franchise's reputation. To me toughness is winning battles in the corners, relentless puck retrieval and intimidating forechecking. This team doesn't do any of that. They lose just about every damn battle along the boards, can't retrieve pucks and relent on their forecheck far too quickly. It's pathetic. And now Brian Boucher hurt his hand making a sick save that turned into a goal on the rebound anyway. Not good.

But hey, at least Temple is ranked and looks to be the real deal. Bring on Kansas.

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  1. Nice shootout list, i was at that game where Malik scored that goal, it was in the 15th round after Jason Strudwick scored before that to to keep the shootout going. That was the ONLY good thing that oversized skating pillow ever did here.

  2. He sounds a lot like Mike Rathje. Except he actually did one good thing.