Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Year That Was

Believe it or not, 2009 is over when the clock strikes midnight, and with it goes the first full year of The House that Glanville Built publishing whatever damn well we please. And by we, I mean me, with very few exceptions. Since I'm vain and all, I'll take you down memory lane for my favorite posts of 2009.

Jan. 6: An Epic Journey

Jan. 9: I have thoughts? by Arkansas Fred

Jan. 11: So Let Me Tell You About My Weekend

Jan. 14: A Letter to Joe Pa by Arkansas Fred

Jan. 26: cameron crazy by The Charles

Jan. 27: Remembering Why I Love Video Games

Jan. 28: What a Way to Go Out

Feb. 3: Don't Forget About Kobe

Feb. 5: So I Lied

Feb. 5: Big News? by Joltin' Joe Blanton

Feb. 26: Good Day Giroux

March 2: I'm so mad I could punch a baby by Arkansas Fred

March 6: Who Wants to Dance?

March 9: So Long Suckers … the Weekend that Was

March 16: Yo, Guy, You Stink

March 19: Let the Madness Begin

March 30: The Shot Heard Round the Main Line

April 2: Your Defense is Offensive

April 3: 'Who Knew the NIT Would Feel So Good?'

April 7: Wayne's World, Party Time

April 9: Am I Soothsayer? No Questions Asked

April 13: Here's to Harry, the Greatest Announcer Who Ever Lived

April 14: Remembering Harry the K

April 20: A Walk-Off, a Phenom and an Upset

April 21: Robbie Gould is Not a Fan of Me

April 27: A Split, a Sweep, a Draft, and an Epic, Epic Collapse

May 1: From the Scene of the Crime: How the Sixers Got Dismantled

May 5: My Hat Trick's Better Than Yours

May 13: We are Not Werthy

May 14: 5 Faceoff Guys Flyers Should Target

May 15: I Think I'm Still Drunk

May 18: The Reverend Rankings — My 5 Favorite/Least Favorite Players: Phillies

May 21: Hey LeBron, What Would Kobe Do?

May 25: My Bronx Tale

May 29: The Reverend Rankings — May Favorite Players: Sixers

June 2: I Could Go for a Ty

June 4: The Story No One's Talking About: Hedo's Revenge

June 8: Omar Vizquel is a Hall of Famer

June 10: The Curious Case of Greg Dobbs

June 16: If I Hear the Word Twitter One More Time

June 25: Meet the Moron

June 26: It's Drafty in Here

June 30: The Reverend Rankings — My 5 Favorite Players: Flyers

July 7: My 2009-10 NBA Conundrum

July 8: The Reverend Rankings — My 5 Favorite Players: Eagles Defense

July 13: Might Ducks 3 is the Worst Movie Ever

July 24: Other Fans Typically Annoy Me

July 28: The Reverend Rankings — My 5 Favorite Players: Eagles Offense

July 29: Sadly, an End of an Era

July 29: So Crazy It Just Might Work

July 31: A Man With Two First Names

Aug. 4: The Reverend Rankings — My 5 Favorite Players: Eagles Special Teams

Aug. 10: Weddings, Gambling, Injuries and Opportunities Lost

Aug. 13: Looking Back at A.I. and Stack

Aug. 20: Don't Ever LEEve (depressing)

Aug. 26: Brad Lidge Sucks, Cole Hamels Blows and Vice Versa

Sept. 4: 3 is Greater than 1

Sept. 8: The Longest Long Weekend Ever

Sept. 14: Cole, Car Wrecks, Paulus Sucks, Ribs, Picks and Pedro

Sept. 18: World, Meet Jacory Harris

Sept. 28: I Hate Penn State and the Philadelphia Mets

Oct. 7: Hats Off to Richards, Carle, Briere

Oct. 8: So That's What It's Like Being Blind

Oct. 9: Twin Killings

Oct. 12: A Call from Denver

Oct. 13: The Agony of Victory Tastes So Sweet

Oct. 16: The Bridge is Swaying but Phils Still Standing

Oct. 19: So Cy Young Winners are Pretty Good at Pitching


Oct. 22: 'You're Gonna Win Those Games. You're Goin to the World Series'

Oct. 29: The CC Show

Oct. 30: Another Pitching Duel

Nov. 1: Cole Hamels Fucking Sucks

Nov. 2: I Feel Like I Just Got Punched in the Gut

Nov. 3: The Phillies Should Pay Me to Go to Playoff Games

Nov. 9: Perhaps You'd Like to Kick My Dog While We're at It

Nov. 12: Long Live Iggy (And Brandon Jennings is a Monster)

Nov. 16: Fat, Drunk and Stupid is No Way to Go Through Life

Nov. 23: I Love the Drake (and Running the Football)

Nov. 24: Jared Odrick is a Beast

Nov. 30: Moosed and Goosed

Dec. 1: Going Back to Philly

Dec. 1: College Football Fantasy

Dec. 4: Allen Iverson: Brotherly Love

Dec. 7: An Ax, a Phenom, a Punch, a Beast and a Homecoming

Dec. 8: Return of the King

Dec. 10: The Whitest Sequence in the World

Dec. 11: All I Want for Christmas is My Two Frontline Aces

Dec. 15: What's Up, Doc?

Dec. 21: Not Quite Snowed In

Dec. 29: My 5 Most Memorable Games of the Decade

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