Friday, May 7, 2010

I Refuse to Work Video Links

It's Friday, I had a horribly busy week at work — stuck in meetings, being asked to go back and fix a whole bunch of shit the person before me fucked up, more meetings, technology update training, all on top of my usual work — and frankly, I just don't feel like doing a god damn thing the rest of the day. So I'm not going to.

Three links …

-The rest of America, take note, Philadelphians actually are a classy bunch when you aren't lumping everyone together with the assholes that usually stand out. Just ask Ian Laperriere:

"I've been here for 7 months and for them to show me how they appreciate what I do, I don't have any words to describe that. It was unreal. I'll never forget that." 

-Eight years ago today in Philadelphia Sports HIstory:

Not a game, not a game.

-The Ohio State sure seems pretty gay, and yes, I mean that in every sense of the word:

Seriously, is this what people in college are doing these days? I mean, seriously, what the fuck? Wasn't there any drunk student in attendance that could have fucked this up? Honestly. College is the time you're supposed to do all the stupid things you can't when you become a real adult, get drunk/high as often as possible and try to have sex with as many people as you possibly can before you're thrust into the real world, never being around thousands upon thousands of people of the opposite sex in such a confined vicinity ever again. Not doing incredibly lame choreographed dances in whatever your school calls what Penn State called the HUB. This makes me hate Ohio State even more. And seriously, that Journey song sucks balls.

Shit, I just realized they play that shit at every Penn State home game, along with Living on a Prayer, Sweet Caroline and every other horrible song that is so far from being appropriate from football that I'm certain a bunch of assholes at my alma mater are going to do something like this. In fact, they probably already have. I hate college kids these days. Seriously.

Now, for something we can all enjoy:

P.S. Rumor has it Simon Gagne will play tonight, and Roy Halladay must be slipping. I mean, two earned runs, three walks? Come on, Roy, we expect better than that. For real though, how awesome is it having this guy? I'd go to the zoo with him.

BallHype: hype it up!

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