Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Way back when in the early days of this fine establishment, I professed my love for Zoe Bouchelle, a former Penn State women's soccer player whom I fell for (unbeknownst to her) while covering the team in college.

I bring this up because tonight, before both the Phillies and Union started, I flipped on Comcast SportsNet and saw that WPS Soccer was on, the Women's Professional Soccer League, and I started to investigate online. That's when I found out that a)there's a team in Philadelphia (the Independence), and b)former Penn State standout Joanna Lohman plays for them.

This was particular interesting to me for a couple reasons. For starters, when myself and The Charles were covering the Penn State women's team during our collegiate days, Lohman, who had graduated the year before, was working out with her alma mater's team and working in the Penn State Sports Information Department. Each and every home game, The Charles and I were in the booth with her. It wasn't exactly what she wanted to do -- she had planned to join the Women's United Soccer Association, but it folded before she graduated. So she spent every home game with us, and was one of the friendliest people I've ever met.

She also looked vastly different than she does today. Just check out some older video.

Seeing Lohman, now residing in the same city as me yet again (in State College back in the day, and in Philadelphia now), got me thinking about the player who took the reigns from her when I was covering the team. That would be none other than Tiffany Weimer.

Weimer finished as the Big Ten's all-time leading scorer, and helped lead the Lions to the No. 2 seed in the country when I was covering the team. Now she's back near her native Connecticut playing for the Boston Breakers. She's also a blogger just like me. I think perhaps we should get married.

Seriously, I may have to start posting some comments on there.

Anyway, this is how bad it's gotten for the Phillies. In the middle of the season, near the trade deadline, I'm writing about former Penn State women's soccer players that are playing in something called the WPS.

I'd still marry Zoe Bouchelle today if she was willing. Or Joanna. Or Tiffany.

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  1. I saw that Weimer played up here once and I thought about going to a game. Then I realized that the 1 half of a womens soccer game was one of the most boring things Ive ever seen.

    Lavars Love Child