Friday, April 1, 2011

Derrick Rose in 9th Grade

During the third quarter of the Sixers' win over the Bulls the other night, I sent this text message to some friends as Rose was completely going off in the third quarter:

"If you could combine the best of every player on the Sixers, Derrick Rose would still be better."

And even though the Sixers won, I honestly believe that. The man is just on another level than most other players in the NBA right now, and it's all sorts of fun to watch.

Coincidentally, someone at work sent this video of Derrick Rose doing ridiculous things as a 9th grader.

That's just not fair. Not fair at all. It's crazy athleticism like that, along with his superb intelligence and mature game, that make Derrick Rose the favorite for the 2010-11 NBA MVP.

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