Thursday, July 7, 2011

David Herndon and Danys Baez Are the Same Terrible Pitcher

Sure, you can blame the Phillies' 7-6 loss last night to the Marlins on Domonic Brown perhaps missing second base, as Brown did himself being the standup guy that he is, but that would be misguided. Because the real reason that the Phillies lost is that Charlie Manuel called on the two worst pitchers on his roster to try and hold a lead.

In case you missed it, Charlie lifted Kyle Kendrick after 5 innings, and after the Phils scored on John Mayberry's second home run of the game, David Herndon entered with a 6-3 lead. Herndon proceeded to give up a leadoff single to Hanley Ramirez followed by a mammoth two-run home run to Logan Morrison to turn a three-run lead very quickly into a one-run lead. His final stat line: two-thirds of an inning pitched, 3 hits, 2 earned runs. Awful.

Then after the Marlins tied it up and the game was still tied in the 9th, Charlie called upon Baez. When they put the numbers up for Baez this season, I actually uttered the words, "He does not have a single good statistic this year." Not one. Entering the night, Baez's numbers were as follows: 2-3, 33.2 innings pitched, 38 hits, 23 runs allowed, 20 earned runs, 12 walks, 16 strikeouts, 5.35 ERA. Like I said, not a single good statistic to his name.

So of course, after one miraculous 1-2-3 inning in the ninth, Baez served up a hanging meatball to Mike Stanton, who hit a ball so god damn hard and far that it was still going up when it hit the vacant seats in left field to give the Marlins the 7-6 victory.

Herndon and Baez combined to pitch 2 innings, surrendering four hits, three runs and two home runs between them, completely wasting Mayberry's two-homerun, three-RBI performance.

Honestly, despite that one good outing by the two of them to lead to Wilson Valdez inconceivably picking up a win, David Herndon and Danys Baez have not done this team any good. At all. They are the same terrible pitcher, and if you don't believe me, check the numbers.

Herndon this year has appeared in 23 games. His numbers: 0-2, 5.14 ERA, 28 innings pitched, 32 hits, 17 runs, 16 earned runs, 5 home runs, 9 walks, 16 strikeouts, 1 hit by pitch, 1.46 WHIP.

Baez has appeared in 28 games this season. His numbers: 2-4, 5.40 ERA, 35 innings pitched, 39 hits, 24 runs, 21 earned runs, 4 home runs, 12 walks, 18 strikeouts, 3 hit by pitches, 1.46 WHIP.

Both with losing records, both 2 games under .500, both with ERAs above 5, both giving up more hits than innings pitched, both failing to strike batters out, and both with terrible 1.46 WHIPs.

Seriously, they are the exact same terrible pitcher, and there's no reason that either one should be on this roster, let alone both. Yet here they've been, all season on this roster, wasting valuable spots and hurting the team. It just makes absolutely no sense.

Given how incredibly worthless they are and how admirably Mayberry has played when given the opportunity, it would be not only unfair, but completely idiotic to demote Mayberry after the all-star break while retaining Herndon and Baez. Yet that's been the move this year, which is beyond baffling. The Phillies have three starters in Cliff Lee, Roy Halladay and Cole Hamels who consistently go deep into games, and Roy Oswalt does when he's healthy, meaning one less bullpen pitcher wouldn't kill you. And Mayberry provides the right-handed power bat off the bench, and a capable fill-in in the outfield, that this team is missing, albeit an inexperienced and unproven one.

It's pretty clear that he helps the Phillies a whole hell of a lot more than David Herndon and Danys Baez do. And realistically, how can you even afford to keep two terrible righthanded pitchers who have ERAs over 5.00 in your bullpen without hurting the team more than you're helping? You can't.

After the all-star break, one or both of those guys should be off this roster. And if the pitching staff ever gets healthy, they should be gone forever. Roy Oswalt, Ryan Madson, Jose Contreras, Brad Lidge, Joe Blanton are all on the shelf, and they're all better than Baez and Herndon. Vance Worley has proven his worth this season and earned the right to be in the mix as the fifth starter. And Kyle Kendrick, as bad as he can be at times, is about a million times better and more effective than the two horrible Ds, Danys and David.

They are the exact same terrible pitcher, and they need to be banished. Forever.

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