Monday, June 25, 2012

Luke Schenn's Hitting and Fighting History With the Flyers

My initial reaction to the Flyers trading former No. 2 overall pick to the Toronto Maple Leafs for Luke Schenn, brother of current Flyer Brayden Schenn, was not all that positive. It seemed underwhelming to me to get a defenseman coming off a terrible years for a guy who showed so much promise before an injury-riddled 2011-12 season that the Flyers decided to sign him to an extension.

But I'm going to reserve judgment overall for a later date, seeing as there are still moves for this team to make. While my initial reaction is still there, Schenn is just 22 years old himself, a big bruiser on the blue line, and a guy who was drafted pretty high himself, being taken fifth overall in 2008. Plus, he has good genes, as his younger brother was considered the best prospect in the Kings' organization before being traded to the Flyers along with Wayne Simmonds for Mike Richards, and we all saw the flashes Schenn showed last season.

Anyway, with JVR gone and Schenn now officially a Flyer, here are some clips of him getting involved against the Orange and Black. He seems to have a bit of a history with Scott Hartnell.

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