Friday, June 29, 2012

Kyle Kendrick "Satisfied" After Allowing 5-Run First Inning

“Gave us a chance to win,” Kendrick said. “Pitched deep in the game. They needed me to pitch deep in the game, I did that. We were in the game, had a chance to win the game. Yeah, you never want to give up runs, but I was happy with myself to go deep like that and give us a chance.”


Yeah, you pitched deep in the game. La de freaking da. You also gave up 5 first-inning runs. Five. You had your team down 5-0 before they even had a chance to bat. You sucked any energy that was in the ballpark right out. Five runs in any inning is unacceptable, especially in the first inning. You sucked, again. Hey Kyle, in case you've forgotten, here are your stats this season: 2-8, 5.35. You satisfied with that, too?

And then you have the nerve/stupidity to come out with a quote like that. Even if that is how you feel, just shut the hell up about it. This team has been a major disappointment, just a disaster in pretty much every aspect of the game, and you have been among the worst of the worst. Chooch is the only one who has the right to be satisfied with anything, and the only one that really deserves to talk about anything right now. 

As a fan who continues to watch the recent glorious run come to an abrupt halt, the last thing I need is to hear a pitcher who has a 2-8 record and and ERA over 5 and who is pitching for a last place team talk about how he is "satisfied" with anything, especially a start in which he gave up five first inning runs. Frankly I don't want to hear the word "satisfied" coming out of anyone on this team's mouth.

Sadly, I can't help but wonder if this piss poor attitude isn't more pervasive in the clubhouse. No one else on the team has been stupid enough to come out and say anything like this, but I see no fire from anyone out there. No passion. They haven't been playing the kind of baseball we've come to expect over the past five seasons. Good hitting, solid bullpen, good starting pitching, and excellent defense. But this year's brand of ball also lacks more. Intensity, passion, heart, maybe even a little pride. The Phillies of the past five years had a certain air about them when they took the field, and even in the clubhouse. They used to dictate the play on the field, creating opportunities for themselves, force the other team to make mistakes and play the type of game the Phillies wanted to play. And they had fun. I see none of that this season.

There is plenty of blame to go around for this. Injuries for starters. Ruben Amaro Jr. shit the bed with this season's roster. He paid no attention to the bullpen, other than Papelbon (who has been good) and getting duped into thinking Chad Qualls was good. And the players haven't helped. The Phillies defense has been way off par compared to the teams of the past five years, and has let the team down at key moments. The hitters are still absolutely clueless when it comes to situational hitting, despite the fact that everyone knew that the power numbers would be down and that this team would have to find ways to manufacture runs.

As the problems continue to mount and and this disappointing season continues to drag on it just seems more and more like the attitude of Mr. Kendrick and his stupid comments might just be representative of the entire team. Yes people get hurt, and yes players get older and may lose a step, and yes you might run into bad luck, and yes your front office may make some mistakes, but one thing that you can control and have as an advantage through all of that is attitude. Never quit. Hustle. Play with heart, passion, intensity, and pride. Have fun. The Phillies of 2007, 2008, 2009 had that. The Phillies of 2012? I'm not so sure.

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