Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Blasts From the Past: Bobby Abreu and Ryan Howard Win the Home Run Derby

As you know, last night Prince Fielder took home the Home Run Derby crown, which brought to mind two other lefties that have won the Derby in the past decade: Bobby Abreu and Ryan Howard.

For whatever reason — afraid of running into the wall, little emotion, lack of "clutch" — Bobby Abreu seemed to be a whipping boy during his days in Philadelphia despite being one of the best pure hitters in Phillies history. Personally, I always liked the guy, and in 2005, the whole world got to see Abreu put on a show at the Home Run Derby, winning the whole damn thing.

Then in 2006, Ryan Howard made it back-to-back Phillies to win the Derby, a prelude to his MVP season.

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