Friday, January 4, 2013

It's Friday, Time to Dance: BOB Edition

After an impressive first year as a head coach, surpassing pretty much all expectations anyone had for Penn State in 2012, Bill O'Brien became one of the hottest coaches out there and a target for NFL franchises looking for a new lead man. Seeing as he has pro experience coaching the potent New England offense prior to taking over at Penn State, then flourishing as a head coach in year one, the reasons are obvious.

However, before the new year O'Brien said he intended to stay at Penn State despite the murmurs that he may bolt for the NFL. Still, as Black Monday unleashed its wrath, O'Brien's name came up for seemingly every head coach opening, understandably. And while there was lots of speculation that he may leave after all, Bill O'Brien put that all to rest last night, reconfirming that he will indeed be the head coach of the Nittany Lions in 2013, and that he will not take any more interviews for NFL jobs — he apparently met with the Eagles and Browns.

So in honor of Bill O'Brien remaining in Happy Valley — with a nice little raise to boot — it only makes sense to enjoy Bombs Over Baghdad (BOB) for Bill O'Brien (BOB).

And the version with Rage Against the Machine, just because.

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