Thursday, January 3, 2013

Tom Corbett Needs to Go Away

Tom Corbett is a fucking asshole. There is no two ways about it. This is a man who, as attorney general of Pennsylvania, turned as big of a blind eye to the initial Jerry Sandusky allegations as just about anyone. Now, he's trying to preemptively cover his own tracks by suing the NCAA for overreaching its bounds.

To which I have to say, fuck off, Tom Corbett. Seriously, fuck off forever and never return.

Did the NCAA overstep its bounds? More than likely yes. Did the horrid scandal that occurred at Penn State break any NCAA rules? Not definitively, no. But that's not the point. The point is horrible actions by a monster preying on innocent children occurred on the Penn State campus, and those horrible actions were covered up by a remarkably unethical handful of Penn State administrators, including the athletic director and legendary head coach.

For not immediately and persistently reporting the allegations and ensuring they were not repeated, the entire football program was levied unprecedented sanctions from the NCAA despite the NCAA not even conducting an investigation of its own. That was probably bad form, but in the grand scheme of things, it pales into comparison to the bad form the administrators at my university displayed.

In the end, the university itself agreed and accepted all the sanctions, promising no appeal. Corbett himself lauded the actions of Mark Emmert and the NCAA initially. But now, as more and more people realize what a phony Corbett is, particularly with him refusing to take any responsibility for his own inaction as AG, he's going against his own initial reaction and forcing a lawsuit that the university itself seems to have no interest in pursuing.

Tom Corbett is doing no one any favors. This isn't helping Penn State. It's not helping the local businesses, who are doing just fine with the continued packed home crowds and 42,000-plus students on campus. It's not helping the students, who are finally starting to regain some pride in their school after the countless charity drives and new narrative following a surprisingly successful football season.

And most importantly, it's not helping the victims of these heinous crimes move on. Once again, their stories are being dug up in the media, reminding them once again of all that trauma they carry with them every day right there on their television screens or computers.

While Corbett insists this is about keeping that $60 million in-state and protecting the integrity of the law, let's get this straight: It's simply a ploy for Corbett to cover his own insanely stupid ass.

As a Penn State graduate, I'm offended by his selfish stupidity, no matter if his case has legitimate legal standing or not.

More importantly, as a human being, I'm offended that Corbett has the audacity to put his own self-interests ahead the good of the victims and the communities he is supposed to serve.

I want nothing more than for Tom Corbett to just go away forever. What an asshole.

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