Thursday, June 26, 2008

Accepting the Challenge

Well, well, well. Looks like somebody's been reading. And that somebody is clearly none other than the Chase Utley.

Mere hours after I challenged "The Model" (horrible nickname Jimmy, just horrible) and embarrassed him with a video interview with Freddie Mitchell where Mitchell was the better-known Philadelphia athlete at the time, THE MAN responds by absolutely blowing his 1-for-29 slump to smithereens.

Quite frankly, and I'm not talking Stephen A. Smith's show here, Chase went off. The all-star second baseman got four consecutive hits to start the game with a single, double, triple and single, finishing the night 4-for-5, a homer short of the cycle. And just as I predicted, as Chase went, the Phils went, snapping their six-game losing streak.

And you wanna know why all this happened? Because of me motherfuckers! That's right. I came out, openly challenged Utley and the Phillies to play better, not become this year's Mets, and look what happens. Not only does Chase decide not to suck anymore, but the Fightins pick up a much-needed win—in shutout form nonetheless. All you fellow Philadelphia fans can thank me by making checks out to Rev. Paul Revere, Philadelphia, PA. They'll find their proper home. I promise.

On that note, here's hoping the Sixers draft a bad ass power forward tonight, not another wing player. In fact, I challenge them to do so.


  1. Pretty much sums up the debate about which Phillies player is most important to his team (nice try Jimmy, not even by a long-shot Ryan).

  2. ...and they lose again. What the fuckin fuck.