Thursday, June 26, 2008

NBA Draft

Ed Stefanski's off to a great start. Marreese Speights is a perfect fit for the 76ers as a classic PF, something this team hasn't had in a longgggg time (a hobbled Chris Webber and Derrick Coleman do not count). The biggest knocks on this guy are his conditioning and work ethic. I'll take that any day over negatives with his actual game. Speights can bang and score down low and barring a free-agent addition will see plenty of PT as the antithesis to Reggie Evans attacking the bottom of rims everywhere. He should also be an excellent compliment down the road to the guy who played the Green Goblin very well. It looks like we have a GM who won't overthink things and has logic behind his moves (admittedly few so far).

Solid draft up a little sloppy as things went on. Steve Kerr looks like he has no plan for Phoenix (thanks Nasty Nash, it was fun while it lasted) taking Robin Lopez...Javale McGee's mom played in the WNBA and he looks like he belongs there ( reports that he shoots a set shot) ... Alexis Ajinca (MJ's Charlotte Bobcats) averaged 5 points a game!! in a French league last year. Charlotte may just sit in the middle of the lottery for the next five years...Doris Burke has done an excellent job of confusing the draftees' mothers...Washington forgot to let other teams know about Darrell Arthur's bloodwork (Oops! Maybe they were waiting on him in the second round, or maybe they're just idiots)...

Also, James Jones opted out of his contract with Portland after watching the team try to force Martell Webster into the role of a starting-caliber player. He would be a PERFECT fit off the bench for the Sixers (Kyle Korver with a little D) and shouldn't cost much at all. Somebody to keep an eye on.


  1. Easily the best draft analysis I've ever heard. Dubs, our resident NBA expert. Sixers, take note. This man is a GM in waiting.

    Oh yea, he's gay, too, so you will score points for minority hiring!