Friday, February 22, 2013

It's Friday, Time to Dance (and the Flyers Are Assholes)

The Sixers are terrible. Like terrible terrible. They have very little in the way of talent without Andrew Bynum and Thaddeus Young outside of Jrue Holiday, and Doug Collins has completely botched any and all opportunities to develop young guys because he is an insane person.

But, at least Jrue Holiday is fun to watch, even if Damien Wilkins and the laughable front court are not. So here is Jrue and his fellow all-stars butchering popular songs down in Houston during all-star weekend.

Also, the Flyers are assholes. For real.

I get that last night's absolutely pathetic 5-2 drubbing against the Panthers was a trap game. The night before, the Flyers played in a wild, emotional game at Pittsburgh, edging the Penguins 6-5 in dramatic fashion. But guess what? This team can't afford to have any letdowns in this short season, not anymore. Not after starting abysmally and digging themselves a nice hole.

While the Flyers are only a point out of the eighth spot in the East right now, they also have played more games than any other team in the NHL (19), meaning they have less games to make up those points — a decided disadvantage.

I don't want to hear anymore about back-to-backs or travel fatigue or anything else. These slow starts are inexcusable, and the inconsistency is maddening. Sure, it hurts big time losing guys like Scott Hartnell and Matt Read, among others, but that doesn't excuse the absolutely pathetic lack of effort these guys start games with, and the completely embarrassing first period last night.

It's one thing to lose while playing hard. It's completely another thing to look like dogs out on the ice. The Flyers have been the latter more times than not this year, which is exactly why they are 8-10-1 and in 10th place in the East.

No more excuses left. There's not enough time for that.

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