Friday, May 20, 2011

'Are You Guys Giambi's Zombies?'

True story. Back in 2002, silver fox, Arkansas Fred, The Charles and I (possibly some other people too that I can't recall at the moment) were heading to a Phillies game one summer afternoon. We hopped on the subway and took a couple seats.

A few moments later, this albino-looking old man, very creepy looking, walks up to us and asks, "Are you guys Giami's Zombies?'

That really happened. No lie.

Oh, and last night I went to the game with silver fox and Toonces to watch Jeremy Giambi's older brother Jason Giambi drop bombs on Kyle Kendrick and Danys Baez. Every game the three of us have been to together this season, the Phillies have lost and the weather has been shitty. At least we're consistent.

Free Dom Brown.

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