Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Dirk Doing Work

Sports fan watch hours upon hours of sports because each and every game, there's a chance you'll see something you've never seen before. Last night was one of those nights. And no, I'm not talking about the incredibly wild and entertaining game between the Bruins and Lightning, although that was pretty awesome.

This is about the most efficient scoring performance in NBA history as far as I'm concerned. What Dirk Nowitzki did last night in propelling the Mavericks to a game 1 victory in the Western Conference Finals and overshadowing Kevin Durant's own 40-point performance was nothing short of majestic.

Dirk scored 48 points on just 15 shots. He went a perfect 24-24 from the line, setting the record for the most consecutive free throws made in a playoff game without a miss. And he did it all against damn tough defense. It didn't matter how close, how tight and how well Serge Ibaka and company contested Dirk's shots, because Nowitzki was in a place only a select few can get to. Last night, he was literally unguardable. And it was beautiful to watch.

"The game ends, but the afternoon doesn't end."

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