Thursday, August 18, 2011

Hunter Pence is a Crazy Person

Watching Hunter Pence play baseball (and being extremely irritated watching him) for four-plus years in Houston, you could tell something was a bit off with the guy.

Everything he did just looked so painfully awkward, yet he still was really good while doing it. That made me hate him so much, as I watched him awkwardly harm the Phillies time and time again.

Now I get to watch Pence play every single day for the Phillies, and it's become officially clear … Hunter Pence is a crazy person. How crazy? How about unnecessarily sliding into third yet still scoring on a single from second crazy?

When I saw this live on TV last night, I was just stunned — stunned both at the fact that he inexplicably slid into third, and also stunned that Tom McCarthy and Wheels actually thought he slipped at first when it was clear as day right away that he flat out slid. Why did he slide? Let's let Hunter explain:

"Little did I know the shortstop didn't catch it," Pence said. "Once I started sliding I saw [third-base coach Juan Samuel] waving. So I went home."

He apparently thought the shortstop got there despite the fact the shortstop was nowhere near it, not playing up the middle and all, and that Pence himself was on second to start the play, right next to the shortstop.

These are ramblings of a crazy person. Whether it was that insane slide, telling people he "melts faces," heading to the plate with the doughnut still on his bat, spray-painting his spikes or creating catchprhases, everything he does is certifiably insane.

He's also already one of the most popular players on the team, which is no surprise considering this city embraced the crazy that was damn near everyone on the 1993 Phillies. It certainly helps that he plays hard and is also killing it since putting on those red pinstripes. In the 16 games Pence has played as a Phillie, he's batting .344 with a .408 on-base percentage, .557 slugging percentage, .966 OPS, and has 3 home runs, 11 RBIs, 4 doubles and 10 runs scored. Oh, and the Phillies just so happen to be 13-3 in those 16 games.

It's no wonder the fans have embraced him so quickly, myself included. This coming from someone who really disliked him a lot before he got here. But it's just impossible not to like Hunter Pence when he's on your team. He's just too good and plays too hard.

And he just so happens to be a crazy person as well.

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