Tuesday, February 16, 2010

When Allen Owned Kobe

Today, I received this email from GQ publicist Stefanie Adlerstein McNamara:

For fourteen grueling seasons, Kobe Bryant has cracked, fractured, strained, torn, cut, bruised, nicked, and risked every party of his finely tuned self.  And he’s got the rings – and the scars – to show for it.  In the March issue of GQ (on newsstands nationwide February 23),  J.R. Moehringer sits down with the notoriously private, Lakers co-captain to discuss his many injuries, going to the Olympics, and his famously volatile relationship with Shaq.

On being surrounded by the best of the best athletes at the Olympics:
“I felt like Harry Potter going to Hogwarts.”

On his relationship with Shaq:
“The biggest mistake I made was responding to what he was saying about me.  Once I responded, now that made it seem like I was part of that whole thing. It’s like, Okay, these two are against each other.  As opposed to just staying quiet, which is what I’ve been
doing the last few years.  Let him say what he needs to say.”

On how his win-at-all-costs mindset doesn’t carry over to the rest of his life:
“What people see on  court is another side of me; it’s not me.  That dark side that’s coming to get you – ha ha! I’m not losing this fucking game – that’s not who I am.  That’s part of me.  Off the court, I’m completely different.”

Please see the link below for the full article.  I’ve attached the cover and an inside image for your review.


I didn't read it and didn't have any desire to read it, but seeing as Allen Iverson is returning to the lineup for the Sixers tonight and that the all-star weekend just concluded, it brought me back to 1997, when Al put together the awesome sequence of finishing off an alley-oop from Marcus Camby and then coming down and blocking Kobe's shot.


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