Friday, November 19, 2010

It's Friday, Time to Dance

Last night's Flyers game was the stupid hockey game I've ever watched in my entire life. Anyone who thinks an 8-7 game is entertaining is an idiot. That was just awful, awful hockey, made even more awful by the fact the Flyers lost.

It was a sloppy game with absolutely no defense. Chris Pronger was terrible, pretty much just standing around all night. And the Flyers' power play was an embarrassment, and that's in a game with 15 goals scored. I hated that game and I hate all of you. Dance time.

Clearly, Chris Bosh got pissed about this and went off for 35 points on Wednesday.

That's one catchy song right there.

And in honor of Chad Pennington's career finally coming to an end, enjoy his awkward whiteness while listening to Eminem.

Sixers-Bucks tonight. I'll be there. Eagles-Giants on Sunday night. I'll be there too. And a bunch of stuff in between. Enjoy the weekend.

Work sucks.

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