Wednesday, January 5, 2011

An Apple a Day Links

As a single 26-year-old male, I rarely eat healthy food, which is to be expected. But the other day, I actually bought some fruit, and yesterday I ate an apple for the first time in what feels like forever. Let me tell you, that thing was delicious.

It makes me want to eat an apple, or some other kind of fruit, every day. And I would if I could, because I find fruit to be delicious. But damn, that shit is expensive. It seems like all healthy food is expensive. When you think about it, that doesn't make a whole lot of sense. No wonder this country is so damn obese. Unhealthy food is cheap as shit — I mean, every fast food joint has a freaking dollar menu. But healthy food, like fruits and vegetables and anything in that awful supermarket Whole Foods, is expensive as hell. I can't afford to eat healthy and go to a ton of sporting events and blow my money on alcohol on my budget … and lord knows I can't stop drinking and going to sporting events. So it's my diet my suffers.

Oh, and fuck you assholes in Idaho and Washington. I swear to god, every Mega Millions and Powerball winner comes from some obscure state that no one cares about. When the hell is someone from Philadelphia, namely me, going to win a $300 million jackpot? It's bullshit.

Links …

-Joe Paterno denied Robert Bolden's transfer request, which is completely baffling to me, and Bolden and his father are pretty pissed about it:

Do you feel like the coaching staff lied to you in any way or do you feel like they were being honest with you?: I don't think they were being honest, I don't think they lied. I think they kind of like avoided the whole situation, with me talking to Jay week to week, trying to see what's up with me getting back on the field. He kind of told me the same thing that he told me today, so I've just been hearing the same stories for a while now. — Rob Bolden

Q: How surprised are you by this?:

A: I completely expected a release. He could have told me over the phone. I could have stayed in Michigan. I didn't have to drive down here for that. There's nothing to talk about after that. No is no. I'm not looking to change his mind. If he's made his mind up that he's not going to release him, I didn't have to drive down for that. — Rob Bolden Sr.

I'm really not sure why Paterno wouldn't agree to release a kid from his scholarship if he no longer wants to be there. Perhaps he'll grant him his release in time and just wants him to think it over more, but in this instance I don't agree with Paterno at all. Why make a kid stay somewhere he doesn't want to be? I don't know, it just doesn't seem like a good situation for Bolden or Penn State.

-Some intriguing Andre Iguodala trade scenarios with the Mavs, Blazers, Rockets and Nuggets/Nets. I wouldn't have a problem with any of them, especially the one that would bring Derrick Favors to Philadelphia.

-Rich Rod is fired for real this time. Damn, I enjoyed his time in Ann Arbor a lot.

-Blake Griffin will save the dunk contest.

Not only that, but get this, my man Brandon Jennings is going to participate too.

The other contestants are reportedly Serge Ibaka and JaVale McGee.

-Dwyane Wade got ups:

-A new Philly-NY rivalry. Great rundown of the Villa Holiday Classic held at the Palestra.

-Your 2010-11 NFL Penn Staters recap. The best of the bunch? Tamba Hali, who led the AFC in sacks with 14.5, finishing second only to DeMarcus Ware in the entire NFL (15.5).

Maybe if the Eagles didn't sit Jason Peters and instead allow clueless rookie Austin Howard play, Hali would have finished atop the NFL. Regardless, great season by Tamba. He and Poz are easily the best Penn Staters in the NFL right now. Oh, and Derek Cameron Wake, who finished right behind Hali with 14 sacks. The weird thing is Wake made the Pro Bowl but Tamba didn't. He definitely should have made it, but whatever. The man is still awesome.

-The Sixers give their New Year's resolutions. Good stuff.

-Chris Pronger was cleared to start skating, which is definitely a good thing.

I found this video of Allen Iverson when I searched Blake Griffin on YouTube and sorted it by upload date.

Finally, I watched the Spurs-Knicks game on NBA TV on our top TV while watching the Sugar Bowl on the bottom. The game was completely nuts.

After one quarter the score was 36-35 Knicks. At halftime, the Knicks led 72-69. In their loss to New Orleans Monday, the Sixers scored 77 points in the entire game. After three, New York led 101-95. It was insanity. The fewest amount of points the Knicks scored in a quarter was 27 in the 4th. The Sixers only hit the 20-point mark once in four quarters Monday.

The moral of the story? The Knicks are way more fun to watch than the Sixers. The Spurs too.

If you're interested, the Sixers take on the Wizards tonight at the Wells Fargo Center.

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