Friday, January 28, 2011

It's Friday, Time to Dance

Yesterday, I was watching Sportscenter as the news broke from that Jeff Fisher would not return as Tennessee head coach. Immediately, I sent a text to Adam EatShit and Arkansas Fred:

Fisher as dc? Bring in haynesworth

Just about every Philadelphia Eagles fan alive thought the same thing. We already have Jim Washburn as d-line coach. Might as well get Jeff Fisher as the defensive coordinator, figure out a way to bring in Albert Haynesworth and immediately have a couple of heralded defensive minds, a major force on the defensive line when motivated and most likely an improved defense. Plus, if Andy Reid decided his time was up, Fisher would be a nice guy to have step in as the next Eagles head coach.

While this all seems like a pipe dream, especially today with reports that Fisher is not headed to Philadelphia, it made this video Adam sent to me last night even better: Philadelphia Eagles Rap 1988: Buddy's Watchin' You. It's particularly relevant given that Jeff Fisher began his NFL coaching career working under Buddy Ryan in Philadelphia. Enjoy.

Good god the 80's were terrifying. Cocaine's a hell of drug.

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