Friday, June 11, 2010

Not Sweet Caroline Links

The Phillies are playing the Red Sox at Fenway this weekend. As a city, I typically hear nothing but nice things about Boston, especially for 20-something singles such as myself. Well, if you're white anyway. Lavar's Love Child lives there, and he doesn't seem to mind all that much. There are a ton of bars, (some where everybody knows your name), lots of seafood and those funny accents.

The fans are annoying as hell, but at least they're passionate and know sports. It's not Philadelphia fans aren't overbearing to outsiders as well. But one thing I cannot overlook, one thing I cannot stand, and one thing that makes every single person from Boston deserve to get their teeth kicked — "Sweet Caroline."

Sweet fucking christ, how I hate this song. I hate it so god damn much. Thanks to stupid ass Boston Red Sox fans singing this song with unending joy during fucking baseball games, the epidemic has spread. It's played at Penn State home games, and a bunch of the retarded fucking students that pop their collars and sing their hearts out. To Sweet Caroline. At a fucking football game. This is not right. That song has no place near a sporting events. Sports are meant to be physical, and violent, and intense. The proper soundtrack is hard, intense music, Rage Against the Machine, White Zombie, hard rock, heavy metal. Not this pussy shit. And it all started because of Boston and the stupid Red Sox and their stupid fans. I hate them all so much for it.

If you are one of these morons at a sporting that just can't wait for Sweet Caroline to start blaring over the loudspeakers so you can sing along, I hope you die. Seriously. You are all that is wrong with taking in a sporting event in person these days. The people who get up and down 50 times during a game to get food, walk around, meet friends, use the bathroom. The people who talk all god damn game long about everything under the sun except for the actual game. The people who sing along to gay-ass songs like Sweet Caroline and Living on a Prayer. Die. All of you. I hate you all so much. You ruin the fan experience for those of us who go to, you know, actually watch the game. I place the blame largely at Boston's feet.

Links …

-With the World Cup set to begin this weekend, Ed has an interesting post comparing some of the world's best soccer players with some of the NBA's best basketball players. Definitely worth a read.

-Decision time for the Flyers.

-35 memorable things from the Flyers' season.

-The Sixers added Quin Snyder to their coaching staff.

Yes, the same Quin Snyder who did a tremendous job at Missouri before he resigned amongst scandal. Oh yeah, and he went to Duke, so you know he's an asshole. Awesome. Though I have to admit, he did do one hell of a job coaching it up at Missouri.

-Big Baby drooling like a big baby, as the Celtics tied the NBA Finals at 2-2 thanks in large part to Davis, Nate Robinson, Tony Allen and Rasheed Wallace:

Mark Jackson had a great line afterward as well. I can't get enough Mark Jackson and Jeff Van Gundy.

-Speaking of Sheed, this was awesome:

And also, that wasn't a foul. At all. I love Sheed.

-More Sheed, this time an in-depth look at his battle with Pau Gasol.

-Don't tell the national media, but Philadelphia fans showed some incredible class, giving Michael Leighton a standing ovation and much love, soft goals or no soft goals.

-If you like the NBA and you like organized crime, you're gonna love Shoals and Ziller breaking down LeBron's potential destinations based on cities' historical organized crime figures.

-SLAM's Fresh 25 - 2012:

10 Amile Jefferson 6-7 SF/PF Friends Central (PA) Lanky forward has a very polished game.

Here's some of Amile doing his thing:

-Philadelphia 76er Marreese Speights and Philadelphia native/former Villanova Wildcat Kyle Lowry are hosting a basketball clinic in Bryn Mawr later this month.

That's a mighty big trophy, Kyle.

-So Roy Halladay Pitched Yesterday:

Roy's ERA on the year is now a face-breaking 1.96. His record, 8-4. Seriously, Phillies. This man should be like 11-1. Get your shit together.

Couldn't agree more.

-Video of Brandon Jennings doing his thing? Yes please:

-Old NBA video? Worthy of another yes please:

-A plea from beelove to Ruben Amaro to call up Domonic Brown to the big show, preferably replacing the utterly useless Greg Dobbs. I completely and utterly agree.

-Oh yeah, and all hell is breaking loose in college sports, precipitating by football, as you all know. Nebraska is joining the Big 10, Colorado is going to the Pac-10, and the domino effect is going to be insane. Like Boise State joining the Mountain West. What I do know is that Penn State can't demolish Nebraska enough. I really hate Nebraska, which should fit well for my extreme hatred for Michigan, Michigan State, Ohio State and every other Big 10 school not from Pennsylvania.

And finally, to show I have no ill will toward Neil Diamond despite my disdain for that one particular song, enjoy some Neil Diamond cover action courtesy of Saving Silverman.

BallHype: hype it up!

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