Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Elevator Etiquette Links

Dear other people in the elevator,

You do know you're in a confined space with other people, right? There's no need to shout. Or even talk loud. Have some manners. Use your indoor voices. Because I don't want to go deaf hearing your terrible conversations, whether they be with someone else on the elevator or someone on the other end of your stupid fucking phone.

I don't want to have to listen to you bitching about all the problems of the terribly uninteresting project you're working on, or hear you talk about how, "bro, I totally played the best golf course this weekend, bro. We need to work on our swings at the driving range, bro." I don't need to hear you gossip about the suck-up or "oh my god did you see her dress." Every time I have to listen to one of these inane conversations, it makes me want to take the pen out of my pocket, remove the cap and bludgeon you all to death with it.

I hate you. All of you. Just shut the hell up and go to work/home. Working on the top floor sucks so hard.

Everyone else in the elevator

Links …

-Sweet fancy moses, a compilation of Allen Iverson's greatest in-game cross-overs. Awesome.

-More Iverson.

-Andre Iguodala ranked No. 26 in SLAM's ranking of the NBA's best players. Discuss.

-More Iguodala.

-Some local flavor in the SLAM Fresh 50 - 2012:

12 Daniel Ochefu 6-10 C Westtown (PA)

Shot-blocker who is also an adept shooter out to 18 feet.

14 Amile Jefferson 6-7 PF/SF Friends Central (PA)

Heralded as an elementary schooler, he has continued to advance his game.

39 Ryan Arcidiacono 6-3 PG Neshaminy (PA)

Gritty, smart lead guard with a high skill level.

46 Savon Goodman 6′5 SF Academy of the New Church (PA)

Explosive wing who plays well above the rim and will lock you down on D.

Have yet to see any of these guys play except for Savon Goodman. Hope to change that this year.

-Speaking of local high school flavor, check out Kobe dropping 43 during his high school days.

-Some love for A.I.'s cousin, Kuran Iverson:

KURAN IVERSON, North Catholic (CT), 2013
Standing 6-8, Kuran doesn’t need a Napoleon complex like his cousin, Allen Iverson. However, the highlight-maker out of New England does have a knack for getting buckets and wowing the crowd like A.I.

-Not exactly the start the Flyers were hoping for: Michael Leighton out a month with a bulging disc in his back and Ian Laperriere is still suffering post-concussion symptoms.

-If you're a Penn State fan, check out PSU in NFL for updates on the Penn Staters in the pros.

-Converse is making some bad-ass commericals with Dr. J.

-Great series: Worst NBA Champions.

-I don't always see eye to eye to Kulp, and I certainly won't ever be mistaken as the president of Andy Reid's fan club, but this is a very well-written, very true (at least in my eyes) take on Andy Reid.

I will say this: It would be a whole hell of a lot easier to like the guy if he would improve on his weaknesses, because lord knows he's done a lot more good with this franchise than he has done harm.

If you're interested in meaningless baseball games, Joe Blanton takes the hill tonight in D.C. to try and get to 95 wins just for the hell of it.

BallHype: hype it up!

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