Thursday, September 16, 2010

What the F--k is the Internet?

All hell has broken loose at work this week. Two of our printers are broken. I'm in the middle of the second biggest project of the year. And the Internet has been going in and out all god damn day. I'm not even entirely sure how much time I have before it goes it down again, so here are some quick, rapid-fire thoughts.

Bill Guerin should absolutely make the Flyers, and I'm all sorts of pumped he signed a tryout contract and will be in the Orange and Black this upcoming season. He may be 40, but he's still good.

It's September. The Phillies are rolling, thanks in large part to Ryan Howard and Chase Utley tearing the cover off the ball. And the pitching. Everyone and their mother who bad-mouthed Cole Hamels last season, myself included, should ask for Cole's forgiveness. He hasn't just been awesome this year, he's been better than ever.

I had planned on writing a formal apology to Cole after incredible 13-strikeout performance on Tuesday, but work got in the way. Thankfully, GM-Carson wrote one for me and every other fan who questioned him, and said just about everything I would have wanted to say. The man is stud. Just like Roy Halladay, who pitched awful by his standards last night yet only surrendered three runs and picked up his league-leading 19th win.

That's right, Roy Halladay looks very much like the Cy Young winner right about now. And his new teammate, Roy Oswalt, has been just as awesome as him and Cole since becoming a Phillie.

The Phils just swept the Marlins, hold a three-game lead on the Braves, and I will be there Monday night for the opener against Atlanta in Citizens Bank Park. Something tells me that series down in Georgia won't really matter for the Phils, they're so hot right now.

Finally, I got a fortune cookie the other night that read: "Discriminating mind leads you in the proper direction."

Now, discriminating can mean discerning and judicious, which I'm sure is exactly the intention of this fortune cookie. But it also means treating things different on a basis other than individual merit, aka prejudice. That fortune cookie could be racist if taken in the wrong context. Just saying.

Also, like most fortune cookies, it wasn't a fortune. This is a fortune.


Update: Cy Young Watch:

Roy leads the National League in wins, strikeouts, innings pitched, complete games, perfect games, shutouts, pitches thrown, umpires stared down, watches purchased and faces broke. For categories he doesn't lead the league in, he's probably in the top 3. Oh, and the Phillies are per usual steam-rolling September and are basically everyone's favorite to repeat in the NL East if not the World Series.

Now you all know why this guy want to go to the zoo with Roy.

BallHype: hype it up!

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