Friday, October 15, 2010

It's Friday, Time to Dance

After what has felt like two weeks, the Phillies finally play again tomorrow night in South Philadelphia to open up the NLCS, the Phils' third straight appearance in the League Championship Series. Former Phils Aaron Rowand and Pat Burrell return to Philadelphia for the first time in the playoffs, with Burrell playing a key role in San Fran's playoff push, and Rowand barely playing at all. They might be giants, but they'll always have a place in Philadelphia lore.

Oh, and there's a pretty decent pitching match-up from what I hear. Some guy named Roy Halladay squares off against some pothead named Tim Lincecum. Should be fun. The good news for Rowand should he be called upon for the unfortunate task of pinch-hitting against Roy Halladay is that he's plenty familiar with having his face broken.


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