Friday, October 29, 2010

Return of the Links, Muck Fichigan Edition

Penn State hosts Michigan tomorrow night in Happy Valley. I hate Michigan. I hate Michigan so very much. And heading into the season, I took solace in the fact that for the third year in a row, Penn State would defeat a struggling Michigan program, even in a rebuilding year.

Two years ago, Penn State blew Michigan away in the second half to win 46-17, and last year the Nittany Lions dominated the Wolverines in a 35-10 victory. There's nothing better than beating Michigan. Sadly, my thoughts of Penn State toppling Michigan for a third straight time seem far-fetched at best right about now.

Denard Robinson has been one of the most electrifying players in college football this season. It's terrifying to imagine what he's going to do against this uncharacteristically poor Penn State defense, a defense that has been unimpressive and unathletic in its front seven. Add on top of that Penn State's struggling offense that is now being led by walk-on quarterback Matt McGloin with Robert Bolden out after suffering a concussion and it looks like Penn State is in for a long night.

I hope I'm wrong. I hope Michigan's terrible defense allows Penn State's running game to take the burden off McGloin, letting the inexperienced QB to get more comfortable, and I hope the defense can surprise everyone. But I highly doubt it. This Penn State team just isn't very good. The offensive line sucks. Evan Royster is a shell of his former self — though he should break the school rushing record this week — and the coaches don't use their best playmakers enough. The defensive line gets no pressure. The linebackers look nothing like the Jack Hams, Shane Conlans, Brandon Shorts, LaVar Arringtons, Paul Poslusznys, Dan Connors and Navorro Bowmans we've come to expect over the years. And pretty much no one has done a good job tackling on any consistent basis. That spells doom against Michigan and Denard Robinson.

I don't expect Penn State to win. Even at home for a prime time game. But it certainly would make my weekend if they did.

Links …

-College basketball begins in a couple weeks, and the Big 5 has two representatives in the AP preseason top 25. Villanova checks in at 6th, and Temple starts off at 22nd.

In case you were wondering, Temple takes on Nova on Dec. 30 at the Pavilion. And yes, I do plan on being there most likely with silver fox — me rooting for Temple and silver fox pulling for Nova.

-My good friend Kenny dares to ask: Could you date someone who's a fan of your rival?

-And yesterday, Ed shared with us all the light skinned coalition all-stars of the NBA, yet somehow managed to exclude Derrick Rose, Tim Duncan, Danny Granger and Delonte West, among others. Personally, I would have bended the rules to include Randy Moss and Jason Williams as one entry.

Pretty funny list though.

-Here's an in-depth look at Matt McGloin's drives last week against Minnesota. The verdict? He stinks. Awesome.

-How have the Eagles fared in free agency and trades the past couple of seasons? Not good. Not good at all.

-Paul Milsap, meet Philadelphia's own Hakim Warrick.

-Deron Williams is filthy.

Honestly, did anyone think this guy would be this awesome in the NBA when he was at Illinois? Don't get me wrong, he was really good and the guy who usually made the big plays in crunch time for the Illini, but I didn't see this coming. And even saw him play in person at Penn State. The man is amazing.

-I saw a friend of mine in high school do this in a game.

That's Oak Hill's Jordan Adams, by the way.

-Deuce Bello.

-The top 6 players at the Converse open gym in Philly: Mario Moody, Lucky Jones, Jerrell Wright, Tyshoyn McBride, Naquil Jones and Tyreek Peeples.

-Courtesy of Lavar's Love Child, freshman linebacker Khairi Fortt has been working out as a standup defensive end, a la Jerome Hayes.

Also in the same post, Penn State has wisely decided to shut down West Catholic's Curtis Drake, redshirting the sophomore so he will be sophomore eligible next season. No reason to burn a year of eligibility at this point.

-Chris Cooley provides tremendous wedding message to Unsilent Majority.

"Treat her good. Enjoy it. Bang her. Hard."

-Andre Iguodala made Dime's top 5 dunkers on the planet list, coming in at No. 5 behind 4. James White, 3. Josh Smith, 2. Terrell Cournoyea and 1. Justin Darlington.

-More on the dance docket, with Tyrus Thomas dancing to some Dance, Dance Revolution.

Which reminds me of this scene in Grandma's Boy.

And because it's Friday and Halloween and this song is awesome, here's another appropriate dance number, Monster.

Flyers take on Pittsburgh out in the stupid half of the state tonight, then take on the Islanders back home tomorrow. The Sixers host Atlanta tonight, then travel to Indiana tomorrow. And of course Penn State hosts Michigan at 8 p.m. tomorrow. Eagles on a bye.


  1. I had to dig through the archives after you said you could date a Michigan fan. Lo and behold, there is evidence that shows your hatred for the Wolverines is so ingrained that there's no way I can see you dating a woman who's a Wolverine fan. No way in hell.

    I will say I knew Deron Williams would be this awesome, but that's only because I've watched him play since he was in the tenth grade. He's been in the backseat so much that him being in that role at Illinois wasn't really a big surprise. It was just a matter of time before he became The Man. He's awesome, and the best point guard in the NBA. By the way, did you ever get to check out my post on SLAM Online about him? More people have joined The "Deron Williams is the Best PG in the NBA" Movement. It really is an amazing, grassroots movement.

  2. I certainly did check out your Deron article at SLAM. Well done. I admit that Deron is a beast, but I'd still take Chris Paul. And I expect Derrick Rose to enter in the discussion along with Williams and Paul real soon.