Monday, November 16, 2009

Been a While Since I Hit the Links

So, the three of you who actually read this thing might be wondering, "Gee, the Rev sure hasn't done a links post in a while. Wonder why …" Because work sucks, that's why. I've been so damn busy, being forced to pick up other people's slack, that I haven't had any time for myself to slack off. That's not right.

Considering last week was a week from hell, I really began to question my life. Every damn weekday, I wake up way earlier than I want to, go to a place I have no desire to be, do shit I have no desire to do for 8 hours, go home and relax for a few hours, go to sleep, and then do the whole damn thing over again the next day. It's absurd. Whoever decided this is how life is supposed to go deserves to be punched right in the cock. If I had it my way, I'd sleep until well past noon, play video games and sports all day and drink/watch sports all night. Essentially, I'd be a college kid the rest of my life, minus the classes. Now that would be the life.

Links …

-Finally, two seasons too late, the Eric Bruntlett joke is over.

-Sadly, that good news is offset by some horrible news: Marreese Speights is out 6-8 weeks with a knee injury.

Speights was playing the most inspiring basketball of any 76er and establishing himself as a real force this season. He was playing so well that people have been calling for him to take over Elton Brand's starting spot. Now, the most entertaining player so far this season is on the shelf for two months. What little excitement I had for the Sixers is already fading.

-Zac Robinson, meet Jamar Wall:

-No matter how you slice it, Penn State flat-out does not deserve a BCS bowl bid, even though they still might get one.

-As Ed mentioned, Brandon Jennings dropped 55 points on Golden State Saturday in a 129-125 win:

I don't care what Blake Griffin does when he returns, this Rookie of the Year race is over. Just give Jennings the award right now.

-Stephen Jackson was traded to Charlotte along with Acie Law in exchange for Raja Bell and Vladimir Radmanovic. It should be interesting to see how Larry Brown handles Jackson.

-More on Jennings from Shoals:

After that third quarter, the Milwaukee feed flashed a graphic on the screen that lumped in Jennings's early season averages of 20 points and 5 assists per game with Oscar, LeBron, Jordan and Iverson, the only others to achieve this statistical feat. You can argue that other players could've been there, had their circumstances differed. But there's no disputing this: Even if it's horribly premature to draw conclusions about where Jennings is headed, long-term, Saturday didn't just prove he could score, or that he's reached some arbitrary statistical benchmark.

Like those future Hall of Famers on the screen, Jennings attacks the game from multiple angles. He does what he has to, and so far, it's looking like that's a lot more than anyone had ever anticipated.

Seriously, watch Brandon Jennings. You will be impressed. And excited. Unless you hate good basketball. In that case, keep watching nothing but the Sixers.

-More on Speights too:

3. Marreese Speights (Sixers): Speights caught a bad break over the past weekend by injuring his left knee and could be out until January. But don’t forget about him, he is going to be really good in this league. Prior to getting hurt, he was averaging 15 ppg and 7.1 rpg in just 24 minutes per contest. With Elton Brand still trying to get back to his old self, he has also helped out with the Sixers’ interior. He is a huge presence downlow on both ends of the floor, and like evryone else on this list, he has intangibles. The future looks bright for this promising big man, barring more injuries, of course.

-The No. 1 ranked high school player in the class of 2010, Harrison Barnes, is going to UNC:

“I just felt that, not only is Coach Williams so good at instructing the game,” said Barnes, “I felt that I had developed a great relationship with the players, and I’m just so anxious to play with them.”

Barnes is widely regarded as a one-and-done player who many believe has the potential to be the top pick in the 2011 NBA Draft.

A 6-7 small forward, Barnes’ offensive repertoire is virtually flawless and he plays with a warrior-like intensity on both ends of the floor.

Here's what the defending champs are getting:

-Speaking of UNC, Ty Lawson got ups:

-Saturday may have been Navorro Bowman's last game in Beaver Stadium. Rumor has it he's going pro. It would be all sorts of awesome to see him in an Eagles uniform, but considering Bowman is projected as a first- or second-round pick, that's unlikely. I fully expect the Birds to draft four offensive linemen in the 2010 draft.

-Chris Paul is out indefinitely.

-Larry Johnson is heading to the Bengals. Talk about an upgrade in teams … from pathetic Kansas City to first-place Cincinnati. Moral of the story: You will be rewarded for spitting drinks on women, calling out your coach and using gay slurs. Good to know.

-Dream Team highlights, just because:

-Wade's sick dunk from last week:

-Roman thinks J.A. Happ got jobbed, finishing second to Chris Coghlan in the NL Rookie of the Year voting. I think Happ isn't really that good, though he did have a fine season.

-Check out the season previews at Big 5 Post.

And I have to say, I hate the Patriots and the Colts annoy me because they're always so damn good, but man, watching those two quarterbacks face off is a thing of beauty. I'm a Donovan McNabb guy. Truly, a fan. But watching these two go at it, it's just amazing. Every pass, you expect it to be right on the money, hitting the receiver right in stride perfectly each time. When Peyton Manning or Tom Brady make a bad throw, it's shocking. We just expect greatness from them. The throws these two guys make on a consistent basis are astounding.

Those guys are incredible.

BallHype: hype it up!

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