Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Little Man Syndrome

I am not a tall a human being, so I certainly know what little man syndrome is all about. Something about being shorter than most everyone else helps build a little rage inside that tends to explode on occasion. Some may say I've been guilty of such a thing as recently as this past weekend, but I digress.

Point is, I understand that sometimes a smaller guy just has to take out his frustration on someone, and that has certainly been the case with the Flyers. Since starting out the month of November by winning six of their first seven games, the Flyers have struggled on their recent west coast trip. After beginning the road trip with a 3-2 victory in LA, the Flyers have now lost three straight: a 6-3 loss at San Jose Friday, a 3-1 loss in Phoenix Saturday and last night's 5-4 loss against the Avalanche. In that time, the Flyers have suffered injuries to key contributors Darroll Powe and Blair Betts, not to mention Simon Gagne already being on the shelf, and last night, Kimmo Timonen was not on the ice during the Flyers' 3rd period comeback that fell just short despite two goals apiece by Jeff Carter and Danny Briere.

Well, all that frustration has been boiling over, and the little guys have been taking matters into their own hands. First, it was Danny Briere showing some anger and fight Saturday in his little tussle with Marc-Edouard Vlasic:

Then last night, after the Flyers had valiantly come back from an early 2-0 hole in the first period to tie it, only to see Colorado answer with three straight goals in the second to go up 5-2, a second comeback was sparked after Claude Giroux gave Marek Svatos the business:

Giroux's fight ignited the Flyers, who were terribly outplayed in the second period. From there, it was all Philadelphia, scoring two goals to pull within one, but it was too little too late. Now the Flyers have dropped three in a row and suffered some key injuries to boot. The frustration is clearly boiling over, and the little guys have had just about enough. Don't be surprised to see Jared Ross drop the gloves tomorrow night the way things are going.

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