Friday, November 27, 2009

A Black Friday expense I didn't ask for

I just recieved my season ticket renewal package in the mail today. And that package noted a $2/seat price increase across the board for every ticket. Exhorbitant? No, but significant enough. After selling out 73 games and playing 1 short of the maximum home playoff games, the phillies felt they could bring in more revenue. Even in this economy, blah blah blah. They also raised prices rather significantly before last year($3-$5 in places I believe).

After losing the World Series, the team is asking for its paying customers to pay even more. I figure they can, considering the quality product they're putting on the field. So I have a simple ask for the direction of the 6-7 mil that they will make from this price hike: extend Cliff Lee.

It will take 3x that amount a year to do so, but it's a start. This run can't go on forever, but having a proven workhorse like Lee at the top of the rotation will allow Ruben to fill in around him each year and keep the staff competitive. Hopefully Cole removes his head out of his ass, Drabek can step in and do what he's supposed to do, and Blanton/whomever fill out the back. Thats solid and should provide a foundation for winning while we still have the core in the lineup.

My mind has been elsewhere the last few days so I don't have too much to say on them signing Juan Castro, although as his agent said, "Who doesn't like Juan Castro?" 3rd base will be interesting though. Apparently they've alienated Pedro Feliz, so I wouldn't count on him as a safety net if Ruben fails to sign his intended target. Personally I would have given Pete Happy one more year. He's too solid defensively and led the NL in RBI's from the 7 hole. Yes he blew in the playoffs, but his performance in game 4 of the WS would have been legendary if the Lidge/Johnny Damon thing went another way.

We'll see. Today, the Phillies told me my tickets cost more. My response is, that is fine, but spend my money wisely. 73 sellouts aint gonna happen every year unless you continue to put the product on the field.

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