Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Beer League Links

Last night, my beer league softball team won the championship. Having not lost a game in more than a month and going a perfect 5-0 in the playoffs (we played three three-game series, sweeping the whole way through), we needed just one more win to go blemish-free in the postseason. The game was merely a formality in our eyes — we were ending the season last night.

Then we fell behind 5-0 in one inning. Not good. We made some mistakes, weren't hitting and worrying we may have to come back for a deciding game 3. But there would be no game 3. We put up a 9-spot in an inning of our own, and actually wound up 10-running a team that had once upon a time held a 5-0 lead.

Naturally, we all headed to our bar to celebrate. I drank, but didn't get drunk. I stayed out late, but not too late. And yet I still feel like death. I could really use a nap. But at least we won a championship in my first year of bar league softball.

Link time …

-Philadelphia native and Academy New Church (formerly of North Catholic) senior Rakeem Christmas — who looked moody and petulant when Bob Huggins and I watched him play at Villanova — was named to the Elite 24 game.

The elite 24 game originated a few years ago in New York City, taking place in Rucker Park, and that inaugural class was awesome. This year's game will be held in Venice Beach. Let's hope Rakeem has grown up a little bit and showcases his talents.

-Good read on Eagles safety Quintin Demps.

I'm really pulling for Demps. When the Eagles drafted him in the 4th round, I was a big fan of the move and thought Demps was going to become a very good safety in the NFL. He has the size, speed and ability to be a game-changer. But it hasn't happened. He's had some success as a kickoff returner when he's been healthy, but that's about it.

Demps was the object of Philadelphia fans' scorn in the NFC Championship game loss to the Cardinals, getting beat deep badly by Larry Fitzgerald and taking some really poor penalties against Kurt Warner. He certainly didn't do himself any favors, but I think he really got put in a bad spot by Andy Reid and Jim Johnson. Demps had only played sparingly throughout the year as a rookie, yet here he was, thrown into the fire against the Cardinals. And under no circumstance whatsoever should a rookie safety be asked to cover Larry Fitzgerald one on one. He didn't stand a chance.

Of course, last year he was given every opportunity to take over for the departed Brian Dawkins and didn't do it. He fought injuries and complacency, losing out to a horrendous slew of safeties. I still think he can be a good player and will. Glad to hear he's been humbled and is working his ass off to try and push rookie Nate Allen. I'm rooting for the guy.

-Son of a bitch! Last week, I wrote about 6 Penn State players to watch this upcoming season. One of them was West Catholic alum Curtis Drake. Well, we won't be seeing him for 6-8 weeks, because Drake has a broken leg, via BSD. Looks like Justin Brown and Shawney Kersey will get their opportunities for more playing time for sure now.

-Why is Roy Halladay breaking so many faces this season (he leads the NL with 168 strikeouts, trailing only Jered Weaver's 171 in the entire majors)? Because he worked on his changeup in the offseason. Yeah, one of the best pitchers ever wasn't satisfied with just being awesome for 12 years. He wanted to get even better. When a guy that good keeps trying to add pitches and get better, even after more than a decade of dominance, you know why he's special.

-Some SLAM links: T-Mac is a Piston, former Villanova star and Philadelphia 76er Tim Thomas is signing with the Mavs and Michael Jordan will present Scottie Pippen for his induction into the Hall of Fame.

Pippen was the best on-the-ball defender I have ever seen. Well, him and Gary Payton.

-And another one, the NBA rookie outlook for the upcoming season. The guys I'll be particularly following are Even Turner (obviously), Derrick Favors, Quincy Pondexter, Lance Stephenson, Greg Monroe and Jordan Crawford. I envision Monroe as a Sheed-type player.

Speaking of Sheed, good luck on your retirement. I'll be looking for you at North Bowl.

-Free McCants!

-More Scottie Pippen:

-Greg Dobbs hate piece. He deserves it. Big time.

-When Kevin Durant tells you to YouTube Deuce Bello, you don't have to tell me twice, via TrueHoop:

-Ladies and gentlemen, this is how you make a poster:

Nike Global Challenge: Watch Dominique Pointer's thunderous dunk in traffic


-The Bastardo is back.

-When you post about Brent Barry, you're damn right I'm gonna link to it:

I think Holly MacKenzie and I would get along quite well.

Tonight, Kendrick vs. the Flotilla.

BallHype: hype it up!

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