Friday, August 20, 2010

Terrible Life Choices Links

When I was younger, I was under the impression that the older I got, the more I would know, the better I would be at living life. Turns out I was way off.

No matter how old I get or how high my hairline rises, I continue to make terrible life choices. Like eating a cheesesteak at 3 in the morning. Or procrastinating at work (like I'm doing right now). Or drinking excessively on a weeknight or the night before a game. Just about everything I do these days negatively affects my life in some way, whether it be physically, mentally or professionally. But I just can't help it. My driver's license says I'm 26 years old, but my brain tells me I'm a 16-year-old moron.

All this makes me wonder if I'll ever wake up one day and become a real person. Don't get me wrong, every male adult has an immature side, is a juvenile at heart. But I really can't perform the most basic of adult tasks. And I don't have any real desire to, even though I know that's what I'm supposed to do. Like I said, I'm not a real person. I'm really not.

Links …

-File this under "News I didn't expect to see today" — Shawn Andrews, yes that Shawn Andrews, has signed with the Giants. If you recall, Andrews broke his leg in his very first game in the NFL … against the New York Giants.

I think Matt P. does a great job summing up pretty much everyone's feeling on this in Philadelphia — we hope he's gotten his demons under control, but we also hope he doesn't return to form playing for the Giants. Because before his depression issues took hold, Andrews was one of the, if not the, best guards in all of football, a true beast who was equally as good at run blocking as he was at pass blocking. And for a big man, he could get out and clear the way on screens as good as anyone. Here's hoping he doesn't return to that player as a division rival. That would be annoying.

-The Phillies have an unbalanced bullpen. Really, who besides Ryan Madson, Chad Durbin and (gulp!) Brad Lidge has been reliable of late?

-Yeah, that's impressive:

-Unsung World Fucking Champions hero Pedro Feliz, who drove in the WS-winning run, has been mercifully sent to St. Louis, saved from the depths of hell, also known as Houston.

-Q&A with Evan Turner. He sounds boring.

-Antone has been on fire lately. Here's dunks from Steve Francis, Andre Iguodala and Vince Carter:

-This is nothing short of a TrueHoop Gem:

-Phillies prospect Tyson Gillies has a little Rick James in him.

Not good.

-More from Iguodala:

-An interesting take on Josh Howard's career.

-A lot of MIke Tyson Punch-Out here.

-What if Red Sox fans aren't the best in the world? penned by one of their own. For a Boston fan, he seems all right.

Phillies start a three-game set with Washington tonight, and the Birds are out in Cincy to take on Terrell Owens and the Bengals. Good thing our new TV arrived last night. That's right, back up and running with dual TVs in the living room.

BallHype: hype it up!

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