Thursday, August 19, 2010

Paul Jones Redshirted

Coming off another 11-win season in 2009, the burning question for Penn State's 2010 campaign was who will replace Daryll Clark at quarterback. Seeing as Kevin Newsome was the backup last year as a true freshman, all signs pointed to him being the starter in 2010.

The thing is, Newsome didn't look all that great last year in limited time, and he hasn't pulled away from the pack yet. So Penn State went into the summer with a four-man competition at quarterback — Newsome, Matt McGloin and a pair of highly touted recruits, Paul Jones and Robert Bolden. After watching Newsome struggle and witnessing his funky mechanics, I think most Penn State fans felt the way I did, that they'd like to see either Paul Jones or Robert Bolden beat out Newsome and McGloin. Well, one thing we know for certain now is that it won't be Paul Jones under center in 2010, because the coaching staff has decided to redshirt hiim.

Now it's a three-man race between Newsome, McGloin and Bolden, and by all accounts, Bolden has been the most impressive of the bunch. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't rooting for him, if for no other reason that I'm weary of Newsome's ability to throw the ball given his mechanics. Not that I'm rooting against Newsome. In fact, the only one I don't want to see under center is McGloin. With three highly recruited running backs on campus, the last thing I want to see is the one no one wanted leading the team. I'd rather give Bolden or Newsome a chance to get a year of experience and grow with this relatively young team.

Black Shoe Diaries did a three-part series on the quarterback competition. The biggest revelation from that tremendous breakdown is that, just like Pat Devlin, one of these guys is probably going to transfer. With Paul Jones getting redshirted, it may be him. Then again, if Bolden loses out to Newsome, it could be him. Regardless, it's a nice problem to have. Too many talented quarterbacks is much better than none at all.

By the way, Pat Devlin was named to the Walter Payton Award Watch List.

It would be really nice to have him under center this year.

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  1. I dont care who starts as long as they are the best. J.P. has been in the business long enough to know who can get the job done. Maybe Mcgloin would be awesome, maybe Bolden wont cut it? We wont know until they actually play a game. Remember when we all clamored for Austin Scott over Tony Hunt? How did that turn out?

    I will root for Bolden b/c he does look like a stud.


  2. Well, I don't think he did such a good job with the whole Matt Seneca and Anthony Morelli cases, but yes, I trust that the best guy will start. I still don't want it to be McGloin, but if it is, I'll root for him.