Friday, August 27, 2010

I Miss Basketball Links

You know what's weird? We're in the stretch run of the Major League Baseball season, the NFL is about to kick off and I watched a replay of game 4 of the Flyers-Bruins series — you know, the one where Simon Gagne returned from injury to score the overtime winner and propel the Flyers to the greatest comeback in NHL history — yet for some reason I have basketball on my mind today.

So here's some basketball links …

-Kobe's dad could throw down. Just ask Kareem.

-So could Dr. J. Just ask Kareem.

-Brandon Jennings to John Wall creates magic, via TrueHoop.

-Agreed, Tyreke's jump shot does look better. A lot better, via TrueHoop.

-Just another reason I think I'd get along quite well with Holly MacKenzie: The Slept-on Files featuring Jrue Holiday.

-Kevin Durant's boy Deuce Bello putting on a show.

-Delonte got suspended for 10 games after pleading guilty to this.

-This 11-year-old looks like he's already better than half the Sixers.

His name is Damon Harge.

-5 NBA players that deserve their own statue:

3. Allen Iverson (Philadelphia)
To say Iverson was the heart and soul of Philadelphia would be an understatement. Iverson was the pride of the city during his run with the 76ers. In his prime, he was on top of the world, even without a championship. Iverson was at one point the most beloved player in the League; it got to the point where you couldn’t walk outside without seeing someone in an Iverson jersey, especially in Philly.

During his time with the Sixers he won Rookie of the Year, MVP and four scoring titles, but what really won over the hearts of fans in Philly was his passion and energy. Iverson also revolutionized the game with his swag, starting several NBA trends (cornrows, headbands, arm sleeves, widespread tattoos) and made a huge impact in the hip-hop culture. His impact on and off the court helped shape the NBA and made him a Philadelphia legend along the lines of Dr. J, Mike Schmidt and Bobby Clarke, and there is absolutely no reason Iverson shouldn’t have his own statue at the Wachovia Center.

I couldn't agree more.

-Kwame Brown and Michael Jordan — together again.

-Really in-depth, thoughtful breakdown of Andre Iguodala, and some potential trades that probably won't happen. Honestly, great work, and pretty dead-on assessment of Andre Iguodala's career:

Throw everything together and what you get is the rare type of player who is somehow both overrated and underrated at the same time.

Which is why sometimes I love watching Iguodala play and other times I absolutely hate it.

-A history of Jordan commercials, via Ball Don't Lie.

-MJ breaking a backboard.

-OK, one non-basketball link. Matt P. of The700Level did a tremendous job with the Flyers Mount Puckmore over at Puck Daddy.

BallHype: hype it up!

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