Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Flying Like a Hawkins

As you know, the Phillies lost thanks to a blown save by Ryan Madson that was aided by the umpires (Michael Bourn was most definitely out of the base path) and Ryan Howard being a complete idiot. Can anyone explain to me why Howard didn't just the flip the ball to Chase at first instead of trying to tag a guy who he knows — you know, seeing as Bourn was his teammate and all — is incredibly fast and elusive?

That was a tough one to swallow, blowing a lead in the 8th, losing a game in which Joe Blanton miraculously only surrendered one run, and letting Brett Myers stick it to the Phillies, which he did.

Thanks for blowing that save "Mad Dog." I'm so happy I could lick you!

Myers was pretty awesome in his return to Citizens Bank Park, going 7 innings and surrendering just two runs while striking nine of his former teammates to pick up the win thanks to his old buddy Ryan Madson. His ERA is now down to 3.08 on the season. Who knew Brett would finally find the consistency we were all looking for a year after battling injury and two years after being sent down to the minors? Not me.

Anyway, all that shit sucked donkey balls. There's absolutely no way this team, in a heated playoff race, should lose a game to the Astros when Joe Blanton gives you seven innings of one-run ball. But they did.

Luckily, my emotions were somewhat calmed when I saw some guy named Lavelle Hawkins — who apparently played at Cal with DeSean — do this in the Cardinals-Titans preseason game last night.

Hersey Hawkins would be so proud.

The Eagles offensive line sucks.

BallHype: hype it up!

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