Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Venting About the Eagles

Normally when the Eagles lose I am angry, disappointed, and depressed before the final seconds even tick off the clock. This past Sunday these usual reactions were pushed to the back of my head for a while by the fact that as the game ended the reverend and I headed out to the Palestra to take in The Battle for I-95, which I was incredibly exited about. But now that I've had a few days to sit and stew on the things that cost the Eagles the game, I must vent.

First of all, Steve Smith please catch the fucking ball. His inexplicable drop in the red zone early in the game that went for an interception caused a huge swing right off the bat. The Eagles marched right down the field and were in position for points and the early lead, but instead came away with nothing and the Giants took advantage. Adding to my frustration is the fact that this isn't the first drop of massive consequence that has hurt the Eagles so far this year, but other than his 4th and four blunder Jeremy Maclin has been pretty good so I won't rag on him at this point.

Next, the defense. The linebackers are atrocious and contribute nothing to the team. They are only a detriment. They don't tackle, they don't support against the run, they don't help pressure the quarterback, and the can't cover anyone. I hate them all. When will this organization learn that it might help to have some serviceable linebackers on the field? The Eagles would be much better off playing nickel all the time. It would get one of those sorry excuse for football players off the field and let DRC, someone who is, you know, actually good at football, see more time on the field.

The linebackers aren't alone in their ineptitude. The safeties have been equally as bad. Their failure to tackle, especially on one of Victor Cruz's touchdowns, is infuriating. I can't believe Kurt Coleman and Jarrad Page are starters in the National Football League. I haven't been impressed with Nate Allen either. At this point it couldn't hurt to let Jaiquawn Jarrett get some time and see what he can do. I would take Brian Dawkins over any of these guys. Oh, and great job by the genius front office to trade up and take Brandon Graham instead of Earl Thomas. Graham has barely seen the field, while Thomas had been an absolute stud at safety in Seattle.

4th and 1. Just inside Giants territory. 2 point lead. 11 minutes left. Please punt the ball. Maybe you're rolling your eyes at me and saying hindsight is 20/20, but the rev and I both immediately dissented on this decision before they ran the play. If you don't get the first, the opposition is 20 yards away from go-ahead field goal range. Oh, and your defense hadn't given up shit since the first quarter. Clearly the right call is punt the ball, pin the Giants deep, and make them move down the field and earn any points they might get. God forbid genius Andy goes with an obvious decision once in a while.

And lastly...you had just moved the ball right down the field by pounding it down their throats with 8 straight runs. It was beautiful to watch. Now it's time for play number 9, and common sense would tell you to either run it again, or to call a play action pass. So what does I'm-smarter-than-everyone Andy do? He comes out with an empty backfield. An empty fucking backfield. When I saw this my head almost exploded, and it's almost exploding right now as I recall the play. I just don't get it. 8 straight runs move you right down the field, and then on play 9 you don't even come out with the threat of a run. Really?

So as it stands it's two straight incredibly frustrating losses for the Birds. Two games that I feel like they should have won. But they've made stunning physical errors at the worst of times (Steve Smith, Jeremy Maclin, the whole defense when they are trying to tackle), as well as mental errors (penalties, Jason Avant not getting out of bounds) that have ultimately cost them. Add in Mr. Know-it-all Reid and his wonderful play calling and decision making, and you have a team that is constantly shooting itself in the foot. Hopefully some corrections can be made, some focus can be found, and the rest of the team can start helping out those who have been bright spots so far, namely LeSean McCoy and the defensive line.

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