Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Dirtiest Player

Today I received an email from Corey Wilson from Conde Nast, which publishes GQ magazine:

In the February issue of GQ magazine, writer Jason Fagone revisits the alleged gunfight between former-Indianapolis Colts star Marvin Harrison and Philadelphia drug dealer Dwight “Pop” well as the subsequent murder of Dixon just months after the altercation. Most of Fagone’s story comes from eye-witness Robert Nixon, who was also shot during the gunfight, and who is speaking out for the first time to GQ.

Fagone’s story sheds some fresh light on the Harrison case through brand new witness accounts, Harrison’s statement to Philadelphia police (which is being made available for the first time here), and new information regarding Harrison’s very violent family history.

The article appears in the February issue, out next week, but you can read the full article on now:

Thanks for taking a look,

It's a great read. Really interesting, intriguing, frightening stuff about Marvin, his family, his secret life and growing up and living in Philadelphia. Read it here.

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