Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Nothing but the Bottom of the Links

I went to Dunkin Donuts this morning. While I was in there, a guy walked in and stood at the door with the door open, mumbling to himself. Then he said the cops were there fucking up his shit and proceeded to talk to himself. He kept peeking out at the cop car with its lights on, finally sitting down. The guy was hiding out in Dunkin Donuts from the police. I'm convinced of this. There is no point to this story other than the fact that my work day started by seeing a guy hiding out at Dunkin Donuts while I was getting coffee.

Links …

-Wanna see some pictures of Phillies when they were young? Of course you do.

-What's your favorite Brett Favre Season Crippling Interception? My personal favorite, the overtime pop-up in the 4th and 26 game.

-The Pro Bowl is a complete sham. Quintin freakin Mikell was just added after a horrendous season that saw him miss more tackles this year than he has his entire career and drop more interceptions that Adrian Peterson dropped handoffs. David Garrad was added. Vince Young was added. It's out of control. So for those of you trying to keep track, here's your updated Pro Bowl rosters.

-Derrick Rose had a rough start to the season, but the guy is all sorts of killing it now, especially here:

-Villanova recruit Jayvaughn Pinkston killed it at the Big Apple Basketball HS Invitational over Martin Luther King Weekend in NYC.

The 6'6" Nova-bound senior scored 34 points and nabbed 14 rebounds, though his team lost to a fellow prized recruit's team — Tennessee commit Tobias Harris. Also playing in the tournament were Rakeem Christmas, a junior at Academy of the New Church in suburban Philadelphia, and another Villanova commit, Achraf Yacoubou, as well as C.J. Aiken of Plymouth Whitemarsh. ANC and PW both won their games.

-Sheldon Brown, one of the few Eagles defenders that actually deserved a Pro Bowl invite, actually turned one down.


-I'm not sure what was more impressive, Deron's pass or this pass by Daniel Sedin:

-Penn State's Andrew Quarless caught the game-winning touchdown in the East-West Shrine Game over the weekend on a pass from Northwestern quarterback Mike Kafka:

In the huddle I told Kafka, ‘Just throw it up and I’ll make a play.’ He threw a perfect pass,” Quarless said. “It just feels good to go out with a bang.”

I'm gonna miss that guy.

-Ziller lists the 10 most difficult players to trade, and of course Elton Brand makes the list:

3. Elton Brand, Sixers. After essentially two seasons on the shelf due to injury, Brand has climbed back on the bull and ... lost his starting job to a raw second-year player? Yep. Brand has started half his games with Philadelphia this season, offering up 13/6 in 30 minutes of play. Not exactly what Ed Stefanski had in mind when he signed the former star in 2008. Brand turns 31 by season's end, already has 25,000 NBA minutes on the treads, and is owed more than $51 million over the next three seasons.

Frankly, I'd list him at No. 1 for the simple fact absolutely no one, and I mean no one, would trade for him. And call it a bit nit-picky, but I take issue with a man as knowledgeable as Ziller at an outfit as high-profile as AOL saying Brand "lost his starting job to a raw second-year player." Um, who exactly is he talking about here? Forget that Brand was just recently reinserted to the starting lineup. If he's trying to say throughout that Brand lost his starting job to Marreese Speights, well, he's wrong, because Speights doesn't start and hasn't started much at all this season. And if he meant Thaddeus Young, well, Thad is in his third year. So basically, the entire statement "lost his starting job to a raw second-year player" is completely wrong with the exception of the lost his starting job part.

-Conan at the '95 All-Star Game:

The Sixers lost again last night, meaning they once again couldn't pull off a season-high 3-game winning streak. This team has not won three games in a row once all season. Wow.

BallHype: hype it up!

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