Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Off-Topic: A Word From CuzinVin

Who is CuzinVin, you might ask? Well, besides the author of this great post, he's also the digital design genius behind our header image up there. Oddly, he's been removed from the contributor section, but I just invited him back. I think I did that when he told me he couldn't update the text in said image because his free Photoshop subscription expired or something. I don't remember, but I meant no harm.

Anyway, when he heard the news of my promotion, he passed along a truly epic email after I passed along some YouTube videos to him:

Incredible sleuthing to find those videos! No wonder they promoted you! Work time well spent my friend.

I really don't understand how the [Reverend Paul Revere] method works, but it works really well. All I know is that it got it's roots from showing up late to high school, was followed by skipping class by sleeping or not paying attention in class during college, and was then followed by finding youtube videos at work and getting promoted. Kudos you bastard. Keep up the good work I guess.

And CuzinVin would know. We went to high school together and roomed three years together in college.

The lesson, as always, is hard work does pay off. Just look at me!

Speaking of YouTube videos:

BallHype: hype it up!

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