Monday, March 8, 2010

Wait, Andre Miller Can Dunk?

So I saw this today and was completely and utterly stunned:

No, your eyes are not deceiving you. That is former Philadelphia 76er and current Portland Trail Blazer Andre Miller throwing down a big-time dunk. The same Andre Miller that Bob Salmi used to repeatedly, relentlessly tell us had the best shot fake in the NBA, presumably because he couldn't elevate over players, so he had to outsmart them. An athletic force Andre Miller is not.

That's what makes this highlight so astounding, so astonishing. After seeing it, I really tried to wrack my brain to try and remember if I can recall ever seeing Andre Miller dunk. The answer is no. I cannot. There isn't a single instance that I remember him dunking. Not one. And I've been watching the guy since he was teaming up with Keith Van Horn at Utah.

I really couldn't remember one. I didn't think he even could dunk. But turns out, he's done it a few times in his career. Who knew? Here's a few (notice, none in his Sixers highlights):

The guy is awesome at throwing alley-oops that others throw down though. That's for damn sure.

Anyway, here's some more Andre Miller highlights, because the Sixers were never this bad with him running the show.

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  1. Man, I was shell-shocked too. I was watching it on TV last night, and saw a dude leaning with one hand to jam, and thought my eyes were deceiving me. Then they showed the replay, and it was Andre Fucking Miller. It's the end of days, brother. End of days.

  2. That dunk was so random it was amazing. I feel like Andre Miller isn't nearly appreciated as much as he should be, yet i don't know if he deserves more appreciation (if that makes any sense).

    He's a good, not great PG. But has flashes of brilliance like he showed on Monday. I don't get it.

    (Yo, and Dominic Jones tackling Tark made me laugh in my office lol)