Monday, October 6, 2008

The Next Icon

I generally hate my dumb job in my dumb office with my seemingly dumb as shit boss, but lately I have found a bright spot. None other than Fred Barnett came into the office last week and is getting himself a website. Those expressive eyebrows are unmistakable and as I shook his hand to introduce myself, I then knew that any work I would do for him would be my best. I owe him that much.

I don't know too many details about the actual website. I know it has something to do with helping high school football players from certain areas to get noticed and recruited by college teams. I also know that it is going to be called "The Next Icon". Beyond that I really don't know much since the initial project is just for the graphic designers, but once construction of the website itself gets underway I will have more information and I will get to put my effort in.

Today as I went to lunch he was in the office again and as I passed him I said, "sup" and gave him a head nod. He returned with a "hey man" and I continued on my way. I'll tell you this fine citizens, following that exchange my peanut butter and jelly sandwich has never tasted better.

Sadly, this for some reason has just reminded me of the time that I decided not to wear my LJ jersey to the bar at Penn State and who showed up but LJ himself. That was depressing.

Hopefully this will all end with Fred Barnett personally thanking me for my hard work and service and offer me some sort of personal thank you like maybe a row of season tickets for all the dedicated bloggers here. Maybe, just maybe.

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  1. Give Freddy my cell number. Or better yet, get his so I can interview him for the site.