Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I'm Done With Shawn Andrews

Hey, did you hear? Shawn Andrews is being place on the IR, ending his season before it even began. Again.

When healthy and playing, Andrews was one of the absolute best guards in pro football. He was a beast, a mauler and an athletic freak who got out quick on screens, manhandled any defender in his path and was equally adept at pass and run blocking. He was a stud.

Then last year happened. Depression. Injury. And his career completely unraveled. Admittedly, I don't know jack shit about depression. I'm sure it's much worse than I can imagine and much more difficult to deal with than I'd like to believe. Fine. But if that's the case, if Shawn Andrews can't control his depression and his desire to play football has vanished, then just fucking retire already. Sorry I don't have the same sympathy Matt P. does, but I don't really give a shit how Shawn Andrews takes this news. I'm guessing he won't be too broken up over it. Playing football seems way down on his list of priorities.

And like I said, that's fine. Get healthy. Get happy. Do what you gotta do. But stop wasting a roster spot and stealing money when there are guys who would kill for the opportunity you have. It's clear as day that the Big Kid doesn't want to play. Wasn't his back surgery last season supposed to get him ready for this year? Apparently not.

Perhaps I'm being overly harsh, but frankly I don't care. The Eagles have done everything in their power to make the guy happy, questionably rebuilding their line with him as a key cog. Again, Andrews has let them down, whether it be his physical health or mental health. I'm ready to cut the ties, and that's a painful thing to say.

When he was playing, Andrews was one of my favorite players on the team. Now, he's a guy I'm ready to forget forever.

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  1. He's not definitely out for the whole season, is he? Where is my boy, Big Jon at?

  2. could not agree more. enough is enough.

  3. yeah, he's definitely out for the whole season. And yes, they should sign Runyan. Justice played well Sunday though, so that's promising.

  4. Yeah, pretty sure thats what IR means.

    But Andrews I feel is as much of an enigma physically as psychologically. As an athletic training major, I feel like the medical staff was to blame. They clear him to practice, he goes out there, and all of a sudden his back goes out and hes on IR. Or maybe the surgery months back actually wasnt completely successful. Who knows? It just wasnt meant to be I guess

  5. Hold on a second; isn't Winston Justice the same guy that was recruited to play TE at USC, out of high school? I didn't bother checking, but the name sounds familiar.

  6. I really don't think the training staff is to blame, even the doctor that did the surgery said he was fine to play. This guy just doesn't want to play football. That's fine, just quit wasting everybody's time to collect a paycheck, Shawn.